Top neighbourhoods in London on an average salary

Where are the top neighbourhoods to live for someone on an average salary in London?

We delved into what the average salary is (£34,565) and the average % of salary that goes into rent (72%) – yes, it is that high (and ridiculous, if you ask us) !

We then took those numbers, plugged them into Liveable taking into account a couple of assumptions:

  • Affordability is Very Important with a maximum rent of £500, looking at shared accommodation and 1 bedroom places.
  • Commute is Very Important and we are commuting to Bank with a time no more than 30 mins.
  • Going Out, Convenience and Safety are all Important to us.

The top 10 neighbourhoods were (with median 1 bedroom rent per week):

  1. St Dunstan’s (£190/wk)
  2. King’s Cross (£294/wk)
  3. Spitalfields & Banglatown (£325/wk)
  4. Bunhill (£515/wk)
  5. Haverstock (£180/wk)
  6. St Peter’s (£283/wk)
  7. Prince’s (£185/wk)
  8. Weavers (£340/wk)
  9. Holborn and Covent Garden (£505/wk)
  10. Barnsbury (£387/wk)

The good news is in the top 3 neighbourhoods, median weekly rents are well below 72% of the average salary earned in London, which means that they are still some “bargains” to be had.

The full results including property listings are available at

Feel free to change the preferences accordingly to best fit your needs.

Top neighbourhoods in London on an average salary