What we love about The Ponds

  • Fresh air, clean and green surroundings, and environmentally-friendly structures
  • Transportation, schools, and essentials right within the vicinity 
  • Family-friendly and community oriented

At times, people just want to feel light. To feel light simply means to be rid of baggage, stress, and distractions. 

These days, it’s not easy to find places in which we can feel this way. We often have to actively seek it out—we go on holidays, we disconnect, we travel. The problem with this sort of coping? It ends. Eventually, we have to snap out of it and face reality. 

What if we told you that right at the north-western part of Sydney, within the Hills District, lies a suburb that can give you this peace of mind? 

Welcome to The Ponds. In this guide, we’ll show you that living a stress-free life without compromising completeness is still possible.

People in The Ponds

The current population of The Ponds is a mixed bag. You have young and mature families, retirees, singles—name the demographic and you’ll find it. It’s also composed of people from various cultural backgrounds. The suburb thrives in its diversity, and operates with a village-like familiarity. 

Schools in The Ponds

According to the 2016 Census, around 70% of couple families have children. With that percentage, it’s clear that these residents would need to find schools within the area, and good ones at that. 

The Ponds Schools (Photo: Richard Crookes Constructions)
The Ponds Schools (Photo: Richard Crookes Constructions)
The Ponds School (Photo: Facebook)
The Ponds School (Photo: Facebook)

Luckily, there are a handful of excellent public schools to choose from. You’ll have John Palmer Public School, The Ponds High School, and Riverbank Public School. There’s also The Ponds School for children with special needs. 

There are also arts and music schools in the area for parents looking for creative avenues for their children. 

For a comprehensive list, you may check out our school search tool.

Transportation in The Ponds

Newcomers to the suburb are in luck, as the Northwest Rail Line just opened last year (2019). Residents of The Ponds can hop on Tallawong Station to get to the CBD and other neighbourhoods.

You may also opt to use the buses, or like the majority of the residents, drive. It’s an easy place to navigate, with immediate access to the M2 Hills Motorway and Westlink M7.

Shopping in The Ponds

The Ponds Shopping Centre (Photo: Rook Salinger)
The Ponds Shopping Centre (Photo: Rook Salinger)

For all your needs, the answer is definitely The Ponds Shopping Centre. It occupies a huge space, primarily because it contains everything: from fashion stores, to food shops and cafes, to our ever beloved Woolworths.

If you don’t find what you need, there are big malls in nearby suburbs along the Hills District.

Community Activities in The Ponds

The Ponds Community Hub (Photo: Grindley Construction)
The Ponds Community Hub (Photo: Grindley Construction)

For community activities and spending time with neighbours, friends, and kids there’s only one place to be: The Ponds Community Hub

There, you’ll find a park and playground for children, and a function hall with a range of activities and workshops. Make sure to stay in the loop so you don’t miss out on the fun group exercises and events!

There you have it. The Ponds is a suburb that’s defined by its simplicity and lightness, but doesn’t fall short on the essentials. If this is what you’re after, then you know exactly where to go next. 

To find out more about The Ponds and its surroundings, check out our Area Profile of The Ponds which will provide you with a detailed look into the Properties in the area, Amenities, Transport Options, Demographics and much more.

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