There are many factors that might make up a person’s reason to live in a particular neighbourhood, whether that be Affordability, Safety, Convenience etc. Even when looking at Convenience, it could be made out of different things such as distance to the local shops, restaurants, cafes, etc.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the top 10 most convenient neighbourhoods in Sydney in the context of accessibility of the major supermarkets (Coles, Woolies, Aldi, IGA etc.) in the area.

10. Redfern

A major train stop, Redfern has undergone quite a bit of gentrification over the past couple of years. It’s now becoming a hub with the Commonwealth Bank moving into the neighbourhood and an upcoming Tech Hub.

With the recent gentrification, it’s also seen a number of supermarkets and local grocery stores opening up. Woolworths, IGA and SPAR are all within walking distance for most residents of Redfern, with SPAR just across the train station.

9. Darlington

Being a rather small neighbourhood with the University of Sydney taking up most of the area, there aren’t many supermarkets in the neighbourhood itself, but there is the Woolworths in Central Park and SPAR in Redfern that are within a 10-15 min walk away.

8. Chippendale

Chippendale has felt like a construction zone over the last 5 years but residents are starting to see the results of all that construction. Central Park has become a hub in Chippendale with Woolworths in the building, along with Coles, ALDI and Harris Farm Markets located in Broadway Shopping Centre which is a couple of minutes walk away.

7. Waterloo

What used to be a very industrial area has become more residential over the past couple of years which means a good number of supermarkets and local shops popping up. Waterloo counts Coles and ALDI as major supermarkets but at the same time, has a good number of Asian grocers scattered around the area.

6. Alexandria

Alexandria has typically been quite residential and a leafy neighbourhood. Residents have a number of IGA’s in the area that are very much walking distance, along with a Woolworths on Fountain St, right next to a Dan Murphy’s which is always handy.

5. Darlinghurst

Home to the ever vibrant Oxford Street, Darlinghurst is a desirable neighbourhood for many. Locals can count all the majors for their grocery needs which includes ALDI, IGA, Coles along with multiple Woolworths’ in adjacent neighbourhoods (Surry Hills, Wooloomooloo and Kings Cross) that are walking distance depending on where you are in Darlinghurst.

4. Surry Hills

Possibly the cafe capital of Sydney, Surry Hills with its renowned cafes also happens to be home to Coles, ALDI and like its neighbour Darlinghurst, a number of Woolworths in and around Surry Hills.

3. Sydney

You can’t get past Sydney city itself for convenience. There’s a convenient store in pretty much every corner but at the same time, you have your major supermarkets, a full sized Coles in World Square, Woolworths right by Town Hall, along with a couple of Coles Express and Woolworths Metros scattered around the city. There’s also an IGA right on Martin Place which is popular with the lunch crowd.

2. Pyrmont

Walking distance from the CBD, Pyrmont residents have always enjoyed an easy-going lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It also has access to a full-sized Coles along with Woolworths, IGA and a couple of Asian grocers scattered around the suburb.

Its neighbouring suburb, Ultimo, is home to the Broadway Shopping Centre which does have Coles, ALDI and Harris Farm Markets amongst your big-box retailers such as Target and K-Mart in the centre.

1. Haymarket

Haymarket isn’t a large neighbourhood in comparison to the others on the list but it also happens to be the most convenient.

Haymarket has your major supermarkets (Coles, Woolworths, IGA) pretty much a 5-10 minute walk away, if not right below you if you live in one of the apartments in World Square or Market City. Being home to Chinatown, there are a good number of Asian grocers scattered around the neighbourhood as well.

Whilst the list above only covers Convenience from the point of view of Supermarkets, you can also look through other options such as Commute, Affordability, Safety etc. using our interactive resource, Explore.

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