What we love about Sutherland

  • Close to the city without the pressures of the city
  • Easy access to essentials like groceries, banks, sporting facilities, and parks
  • Family and community oriented environment 

For the best of us who work very hard, it’s a luxury to have the time and space to breathe. Sutherland, endearingly referred to as “The Shire” by many, offers this luxury at a great deal, compounded with plenty more benefits. 

Accessibility of Sutherland

The CBD is easily accessed by residents of Sutherland via the T4 train line. Despite the distance, you can get to the city in less than an hour, which gives you plenty of time to prepare in the mornings without having to rush. There are also bus options for commuting. 

Sutherland is part of the local government of Sutherland Shire, which means it shares the benefits of neighbouring suburbs in terms of jobs and facilities. 

Schools in Sutherland

Albeit its land size, Sutherland is home to great public schools like the Sutherland Public School and Sutherland North Public School. The suburb also has some private schools around, making it an attractive option for families with varying preferences for their children. 

For an expansive list of schools, check out our school catchment area search tool. 

Community in Sutherland

Aside from the general feeling of safety when living in Sutherland, the local council also makes sure to host events like music festivals, arts and cultural activities. These events bond people together, creating a sense of trust and familiarity among a group of diverse families and individuals. 

These events don’t happen just once in a blue moon. Every Saturday, there’s an opportunity to see the town gathered in the Shire Farmers’ Market, shopping for fresh produce and products made by locals. 

Sutherland Shire Farmers' Market (Photo: Maksym Kozlenko)
Sutherland Shire Farmers’ Market (Photo: Maksym Kozlenko)

Shops in Sutherland

While Sutherland doesn’t have a dedicated indoor mall of its own, it’s a five-minute drive away from Westfield Miranda, which has all your big boutiques and supermarkets. 

Westfield Miranda (Photo: Ardex)
Westfield Miranda (Photo: Ardex)

Within Sutherland, you’ll find a Coles along Old Princes Highway. Along this same highway is where you’ll find a host of restaurants and cafes. 

There are also local grocery stores and hobby shops (for surfing, cycling, music, and more) along President Avenue

Parks in Sutherland

Now that we’ve painted a picture of a laid back suburb, it should be fair to assume that there will be quite a number of parks in here. You have the Sutherland Park, Glencoe Street Reserve, and Peace Park, just to name a few. Each park has its own unique relaxing element to it.

If you’re looking for something more recreational, somewhere to get active, Sutherland Leisure Centre is the place to be—with swimming pools of different sizes, gyms, and a water fun park that just opened in 2018. 

The leisure centre also doubles as an events place for birthdays or get-togethers. 

Sutherland Leisure Centre (Photo: Facebook)
Sutherland Leisure Centre (Photo: Facebook)

Despite being an overall simple suburb, Sutherland is able to provide you everything you need. Those of you who are looking to move now are coming at the right time—new businesses popping up every now and then, new facilities, and of course properties still at affordable prices. The price you pay today will certainly bring you more benefits in the years to come. 

To get a more in-depth look into Sutherland, check out our Area Profile of Sutherland, which covers the demographics of the area, recent property sales, current property listings, amenities, transport etc. etc.

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