What we love about Surry Hills

  • It’s a hip and trendy neighbourhood perfect for millennials and creative professionals
  • It’s walking distance to everywhere you might need to be 
  • Awesome food and drinks right at every corner

Art and culture may be everywhere, but they’re not quite as present as they are in Surry Hills. Once a highly industrial neighbourhood, it’s now more modernised than ever, catching the attention of new homeseekers and tourists alike. 

There’s always something new at Surry Hills. In this guide, we’ll help tame the surprises and walk you through your everyday life when you move to this neighbourhood.

People in Surry Hills

At Surry Hills, you can expect a mix bag of people. You’ll witness high-powered, on-the-go people side-by-side more laidback residents; as well as a healthy blend of trendy and casual folks.

Rainbow Crossing on Campbell Street in Surry Hills (Photo by: Bidgee)

Regardless of their personal preferences, you’ll find comfort in knowing that Surry Hills is a neighbourhood of acceptance. Its friendly nature is one of the main reasons it attracts a diverse set of newcomers like a whole lot of our LGBT peers. 

There’s also no distinction between singles and families when it comes to residing in this neighbourhood. Everyone can be accommodated and can easily access facilities and offices they might need. It’s also why there’s a plethora of startups that call Surry Hills home.

Food and Drinks in Surry Hills


Some would regard Surry Hills as a food capital in Sydney, and not without good reason. In this neighbourhood, you’ll find a whole lot of cuisines—Italian, Vietnamese, Mediterranean, you name it. Restaurants are right about everywhere, but you’ll find most of them at Crown Street or Bourke Street. You’ll also find a ton of great cafes, including the Sydney institution, Bills.

While there are places for drinks and desserts along those streets, you might also want to check out Holt Street for more options.

If you’re stuck choosing what to have post-dinner, you can never go wrong with Gelato Messina, an ice cream institution that lets you go wild with flavours.

Shopping in Surry Hills

Supermarkets are all around Surry Hills, you’ll never have to worry about running out of food or paper towels. There are a couple of Woolworths around the neighbourhood, Crown Street Grocer and Maloneys Grocer along Crown Street.

Beyond your basic home shopping needs, Surry Hills is home to Ici et La, a vintage French furniture store you might want to pay a visit to if you’re thinking about revamping your home. 

Your best bet when finding outstanding fashion choices is Elizabeth Street, which houses some of the best fashion boutiques in the area. 

Surry Hills Markets Shannon Reserve (Photo by: J Bar)

If you were to schedule your shopping, schedule it every first Saturday of the month so you can catch great items by great locals at the Surry Hills Markets

Entertainment in Surry Hills

It’s hard to get bored at Surry Hills. Every now and then, you might want to catch a play at Belvoir Theatre or appreciate art at the Brett Whiteley Studio

You can also gather some friends and belt it out at the karaoke at Goros, while enjoying sushi and sake. Did we mention that they have arcades too? 

Surry Hills Library and Community Centre (Photo by: Elekhh)

At Surry Hills, there’s more than one way to have fun and experience life. Every person and establishment carries a sense of culture that speaks volumes about the strong qualities of this neighbourhood.

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