What we love about Ryde

  • Safe neighbourhood day and night; perfect for families with kids and students
  • Also a popular suburb among professionals 
  • Ease of mobility, care of the generous number of buses going through every hour of everyday 
Aerial view of Ryde to the South (Photo: City of Ryde)
Aerial view of Ryde to the South (Photo: City of Ryde)

If there’s one thing that will always be true, it’s that things evolve. Not only things, but places. And in the case of Ryde, it’s evolved more than merely a change of name. 

It went from its Aboriginal name Wallumatta to its present-day name Ryde, and from an exclusive colonial settlement to a multi-faceted and sought after suburb. 

In this guide, we’ll explore some of those facets. You might realise that it’s worth riding along this neighbourhood’s future evolutions.

Transportation in Ryde

In the past, the only way to get around Ryde was via trams. Today, you have access to several bus lines to get to where you need to be. If you work in the CBD, you’ll have seven line options; it’s almost impossible to miss your bus, no matter the schedule.

West Ryde train station (Photo: J Bar)

If you’re not satisfied with that, West Ryde train station is also at your disposal.

Shopping in Ryde

Top Ryde Shopping Centre (Photo: Facebook)

A little more than 10 years ago, the only way you could shop was to cross to other suburbs. Now, the Top Ryde City Shopping Centre is right in the middle of it all, with everything you might need—shops, restaurants, groceries, and even cinemas.

On some weekends, there are activities like arts and crafts for families, live bands, and Seniors’ Bingo. 

To keep things exciting, you’ll want to change your scenery once in a while. To cut the long story short: if, for some reason, Top Ryde bores you, the Macquarie Centre is also within close proximity, over at North Ryde suburb, with just as much to offer.

Public Facilities in Ryde

A key marker of a well-developed suburb is the presence of good public facilities. One notable public facility is the Ryde Aquatic Leisure Centre, formerly the Ryde Swimming Centre. It has all the functionalities of an aquatic centre like swimming pools and swimming lessons.

Ryde Aquatic Leisure Centre (Photo: City of Ryde)
Ryde Aquatic Leisure Centre (Photo: City of Ryde)

More than that, it also has facilities for other sports like soccer, basketball, indoor table tennis, and more. When you’re there, take pride in the fact that at some point (in the year 2000) Olympic superstars set foot in that facility. 

Ryde also has a public library, located in Top Ryde. More than a collection of books, there are also workshops held in that facility.

Of course, we can’t forget public parks, and Ryde has a ton of them. If you’re after a peaceful afternoon near the waters, your best bet is Ryde Wharf Reserve

If you want to host a simple barbecue gathering, you’ll want to go to Anderson Park. And for a casual day out with the kids (or the dogs!) Ryde Park will go above and beyond your expectations. 

Nearby Suburbs

It might be worth noting that Ryde suburb belongs to the local government of Ryde along with 18 other nearby suburbs and localities. That said, this suburb may already offer a lot, but if you need to access more facilities like hospitals, clinics, and the like, there’s a whole local government unit within your reach. 

Markets in Ryde (Photo: City of Ryde)

Those looking to find a new home might easily overlook Ryde. But once you know how much it’s evolved over the years and what it has to offer, it’s a suburb that you can never unsee. 

To get a more detailed look of Ryde and its surrounding areas, check out our Area Profile of Ryde.

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