What we love about Rozelle

  • Good cafes, restaurants, and shops 
  • Village style living with friendly people
  • Easy to stay fit and healthy

In the past, Rozelle couldn’t quite compare with the charm of old Balmain. But through time, Rozelle has developed its own personality and unique features that drew the attention of homebuyers and visitors alike. 

View of Rozelle Bay and the ANZAC Bridge (Photo: Smegs07)

People in Rozelle

Rozelle is a village-type community, not only in the way it looks, but also when it comes to its people. You’ll see a combination of old and new families living in the suburb. You’ll also see singles and young professionals, which shouldn’t come as a surprise, due to the fact that the suburb is only 4-kilometres away from the city. 

Getting around in Rozelle

Rozelle is a highly walkable suburb. If you ever feel like walking to work, the city’s around an hour away. But of course, there are travel options available for longer distances.There are trams going to the city and other suburbs via the Rozelle Bay Station

Rozelle Bay light rail station (Photo: Gareth Edwards)
Rozelle Bay light rail station (Photo: Gareth Edwards)

There are also buses going around at all times of the day, so you’re sure to have options to get around. 

Cafes and Restaurants in Rozelle

Rozelle is known to have a good cafe scene—chill and picture perfect; powered by delicious coffee beans and pastries. There’s a variety of cafes in Rozelle as well: themed, al fresco, famous for brunches, and more. 

You’ll find these lovely cafes alongside restaurants that serve assorted cuisines on Darling Street

Shopping in Rozelle

While you’re walking along Darling Street, you may also notice a bunch of fashion and hobby boutiques and outlets. 

Among these is a crowd favourite, Quirkee Birds. Quirkee Birds is a designer boutique with a range of popular brands. You can get free styling consultations from their stylists by booking a session with them, to know the type of fashion that best fits your lifestyle and personality.

Apart from the myriad of shops in Darling Street, another local favourite is the Rozelle Collectors Market. This is held on the grounds of Rozelle Public School from 9 am to 3 pm on the weekends. In this market, people sell pre-owned antiques, collectibles, and jewellery. 

Rozelle Collectors Market (Photo: Facebook)

The shopping experience in the Collectors Market doesn’t end with just buying things. It’s padded with entertainment by live performers, and international food stalls that are sure to make you happy. 

For your essentials, the neighbourhood has Woolworths. It also has a dedicated fruits and vegetables shop, where you can buy fresh produce.  

Staying active in Rozelle

In Rozelle, staying healthy and active is easy. It’s close to the Bay Run, where people walk, jog, or cycle. While kids can take part in the Bay Run fun, they can also have their own fitness activities in Rozelle’s dynamic parks. 

King George Park and Easton Park have fields and sports facilities for the older kids, and playground equipment for the younger ones.

The foreshore of Iron Cove at King George Park, Rozelle, NSW (Photo: Smegs07)
The foreshore of Iron Cove at King George Park, Rozelle, NSW (Photo: Smegs07)

In Rozelle, there’s something for everyone. No matter your age, interests, or status in life, you’ll find a home in this emerging suburb. That it developed its own personality overtime can only mean that more development is still underway. 

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