When you’ve lived in a neighbourhood for a long time, things start to become monotonous. It’s the same people, same old spots, and the same routine. If you want to live in a place where this is rarely the case, Redfern might be your best option. 

Streets of Redfern

In Redfern, you’re surrounded by the past and the future. With its rich indigenous history ever so present and rapid development and urbanisation existing side by side, Redfern always has something new to offer.

In this article, we’ll guide you through a checklist of benefits Redfern can provide you, and why it’s a neighbourhood you definitely shouldn’t miss. 

Convenience and Accessibility of Redfern

View of Sydney CBD from Redfern

Redfern is a hub for students and young professionals, and not without good reason. It’s well within walking distance of two major universities in Sydney—Sydney University and University of Technology Sydney.

With world-class education close by, families looking to make a move need not worry about the future college prospects of their children. The same goes for young professionals working in the city looking to pursue graduate degrees. 

Redfern is only two stops away from offices in the city, which means young professionals don’t have to choose between their careers and further studies: they have the option to pursue both without worrying about travel time. 

Cafes and Bars around Redfern

Restaurants, cafes and bars in Redfern

Having a thriving young population means an increased demand in places to chill and hang out with peers. Over the past few years, new cafes and bars have become integral in the lives of locals.

Cafes in Redfern are designed with comfort and community in mind. Along Redfern Street, you’ll find some of the best cafes that offer special coffee and pastries, topped off with a vibrant atmosphere. 

During happy hour, you’ll do yourself a favour by heading over to Botany Road or Regent Street, where you can find bars for cocktails, craft beers, or hard drinks. The variety of bars along those streets will cater to any type of vibe or setting you might prefer. 

Artistic Space in Redfern

Street Art in Redfern

Redfern is also a suburb that allows creatives to flourish. Whether you’re starting out or already well on your way to a successful artistic career, 107 Projects is the place to be. 107 Projects is a co-working space that bonds artists together through exhibitions, performances, and workshops. Sans those events, just being around other artists helps a great deal in nurturing creative talents. 

Galleries like Home@735 and the Nussinov Gallery can also be good sources of inspiration, with their diverse collection of art pieces that represent a variety of styles and expressions. 

Shopping in Redfern

Shopping for your home needs is so simple when you’re in Redfern. If you want to give your new home a spruce, The Dea Store houses aesthetically-pleasing collections of home items that you’ll immediately love. 

Redfern Fruit Market

For your produce needs, the local green grocer Redfern Fruit Market has the best fresh produce in the area.

And of course, right at the heart of Redfern is Woolworths for your necessities and other grocery needs.  


Redfern is a mixed bag of everything, and this could only be a good thing. Having a little bit of everything right at your fingertips means that you’ll always have a community you can rely on; you’re sure to never get left behind.

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