What we love about Pyrmont

  • A delicate balance of simplicity and sophistication 
  • Proximity to all key facilities and essentials 
  • Friendly neighbours and families, a community you can trust

Transforming without forgetting—that’s what Pyrmont is all about. What was once an industrial site, that became almost nothing after World War II, is now a sought after neighbourhood because of its successful development.

While Pyrmont has completely moved on to a modern day scene, pieces of its industrial past, such as old buildings and homes, remain to be banners of its rich history. 

Here are some of the key features of Pyrmont that you’ll enjoy if you decide to move here. 

A prime location

Pyrmont is located 2 kilometres away from the CBD. This proximity makes it conducive for professionals to easily commute to their places of work via the light rail tram or buses. If you want to hit two birds with one stone, the city is also just a half-hour walk.

Sydney CBD view from Pyrmont at sunset (Photo: Maksym Kozlenko)
Sydney CBD view from Pyrmont at sunset (Photo: Maksym Kozlenko)

More than its proximity to the CBD, Pyrmont is also seen to be the next frontier—the NSW Government plans for it to become the next gateway to Sydney, which means new jobs, office and commercial spaces. 

Soon enough, your home and workplace will be closer than ever. 

A village at heart

In spite of the changes Pyrmont has been through, a closer look will show you that at the heart of this suburb are friendly faces, families that treat each other like their own, and a community. 

More than half its population hails from different parts of the world—China, England, South Korea, and India, just to name a few. 

This diversity not only gives you an idea of the people you’ll be interacting with, but how these people influence the overall culture of the suburb, reflected in businesses, food, and community events. 

The right balance of convenience and indulgence

The Harbourside Shopping Centre is the go-to place for shopping in Pyrmont. Not only does it contain hundreds of shops and more than a handful of restaurants; it’s also a window to the beautiful view of the city skyline and the harbour. 

If you’re lucky, you’ll even catch a breathtaking fireworks display on Saturday nights.

Aside from Harbourside, Pyrmont also has the Sydney Fish Market, a marketplace of seafood, baked goods, and local items. The retailers in the market also have pick-up and delivery options for your convenience. 

Sydney Fish Market (Photo: Florian Cassayre)
Sydney Fish Market (Photo: Florian Cassayre)
Fish stall, Sydney Fish Market (Photo: Alpha)
Fish stall, Sydney Fish Market (Photo: Alpha)

Around the neighbourhood, you’ll also find branches of Coles and Woolworths for your grocery and home needs. And for a plethora of restaurants and cafes, Harris Street and Pyrmont Street are the strips to check out. 

Of course, you can’t escape Pyrmont without talking about The Star casino and entertainment complex. It is the 2nd largest casino in Australia and home to the Sydney Lyric Theatre, a premier destination for theatre and live arts.

The Star (Photo: Maksym Kozlenko)
The Star (Photo: Maksym Kozlenko)

The Star also has a plethora of fine and casual dining options, counting the likes of Momofuku, Din Tai Fung, Sokyo, Flying Fish in its stable of restaurants. Food wise, it has something for everyone.

Simplicity at its core 

You don’t need to pay top dollar to enjoy in Pyrmont during your free time. The Pyrmont Community Centre, for instance, offers sports facilities, care centres for kids, playgrounds, and event halls. There are regular activities in the community centre that people of all ages can take part in. 

Moreover, there are several parks within the suburb. The Pyrmont Point Park, for example, gives you a clear view of the Harbour Bridge. If you love the mornings, you can jog or walk in this park, or join exercise groups. 

Pirrama Park is also an all-in-one park. It’s perfect for barbecues, picnics, or simply relaxing while watching kids play in the playgrounds. 

Pirrama Park (Photo: Adam J.W.C.)
Pirrama Park (Photo: Adam J.W.C.)

Pyrmont is a great place to live. It’s emerging and elegant, without neglecting the basics. Being a part of this suburb means co-writing the new pages of its history for many decades to come. 

To find out more about what Pyrmont has to offer, check out our Area Profile of Pyrmont which contains more detailed demographic information of the neighbourhood, recently sold properties, current properties on the market for sale and for rent, amenities and much more.

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