What we love about Petersham

  • Multicultural community in the neighbourhood—there’s a high chance that you’ll meet people from different countries and who speak different languages on the daily 
  • Classic Portugese architecture and wall art that give the exact vibe you’re looking for when taking aesthetic pictures 
  • Overall accessibility: walkable, close to offices, and plenty of shops and restaurants in the area 

When finding a new place to live, Petersham may not automatically cross your mind. After all, it’s a very quiet neighbourhood at the early stages of commercialisation. 

That said, you might find Petersham a strong candidate for your new home if you prefer low-key living, while still maintaining a close proximity to the centre. 

In this guide, we’ll uncover some of the great facets of living in Petersham, and why, indeed, it is more than what meets the eye. 

People in Petersham

At first glance, you might notice that the neighbourhood feels more European than others. Not to worry: you’re not just imagining it. Petersham is known to be Sydney’s “Little Portugal” because of the strong influence of the Portugese community in the area.

Aside from people born in Portugal, Petersham’s population is also comprised of people born in England, China, New Zealand. There are also people from different parts of the world, albeit in smaller numbers. 

This diversity only strengthens the community spirit in this neighbourhood; you’re guaranteed to easily make friends once you make the move. 

Getting around Petersham

Residents love being in Petersham because of the wide array of options when it comes to public transportation. The Petersham train station can take you to nearby suburbs and the city within a few minutes. There are also bus stops at every corner, making sure you get to where you need to be. 

Aside from those options, other suburbs are actually within walking-distance, further increasing your options for hang outs, dining, and entertainment. 

Food and Drinks in Petersham

Petersham is gradually becoming a prime destination for good food in the inner-west area, and it’s easy to tell why. There are so many good restaurants in the area, most of which can be found in New Canterbury Road and Audley Street.

Frangos Charcoal Chicken
Frangos Charcoal Chicken (Photo by: Frangos)
Public House Petersham
Public House Petersham (Photo by: Solotel)

For the full Portugese experience, you might want to try Gloria’s Cafe where you’ll enjoy authentic food and rustic ambience. For the best wood-fired pizza and a variety of craft beers, Public House Petersham is a classic favourite. Frangos Charcoal Chicken is also a favourite local haunt.

Parks and Recreation in Petersham

Petersham Park Trees & Rotunda
Petersham Park Trees & Rotunda (Photo by: Bruceyeah)

To complete the full laidback experience, Petersham is also filled with wonderful parks. Petersham Park is a park you wouldn’t want to miss. It’s perfect for exercising with your dogs, playing cricket, or taking a stroll. 

It also has the Fanny Durack Aquatic Centre, where you and your kids can swim or even take lessons.

It’s also worth swinging by Brighton Street Reserve and Marr Playground for fun activities, picnics, and barbecues. 

Entertainment in Petersham

If parks are not quite your way to relax, you might want to check out The Petersham Bowling Club. It’s more than just bowling—it’s also a place to enjoy a beer, live music, and good company. 

If you want to top up your beer and music with dancing, trivia night, and comedy shows, The Oxford Tavern has got it all for you.

Petersham Town Hall (Photo by: J Bar)
Petersham Town Hall (Photo by: J Bar)

Having a Petersham address is an advantage unknown to most homeseekers. Beyond the classic architecture, it is a fun-filled community that you’ll grow to love for a very long time.

If you’d like to get a more detailed look at the neighbourhood, check out our Petersham Area Profile.

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