Paddington is a dream come true for designers and artists, or anyone who fancies living a classic, aesthetic vibe. Its picture-perfect architecture and range of stylish boutiques will make you feel like you’re living in high society.

If you’re planning to move or just moved into the neighbourhood, here are a few tips you may find useful as you go deeper into Paddington.

Getting around Paddington

One of the greatest pleasures of being in Paddington is getting to see the whole stretch of shops along Oxford Street as you go for a stroll. Paddington is a very walkable neighbourhood—its sights are ones you wouldn’t want to miss. 

Should you need to get around to see more places around New South Wales or Sydney’s Central Business District to get to the office, you can easily take the T4 train or the 389 bus. You can also opt to jump into a taxi or an Uber, depending on what will make you feel more comfortable.

Food and drinks in Paddington

When living in a fancy neighbourhood, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that you’ll be greeted with equally fancy food. Paddington is home to Lucio’s Italian Restaurant. Lucio’s can make a simple prosciutto or seafood linguine taste extraordinary. On top of that, they also serve Mediterranean cuisine, and options for vegans and vegetarians. 

Along 5 Ways Paddington, you’ll also find Tequila Mockingbird—a restaurant for the bunch of us who love Latin American food. It’s a great place not only to dine, but share drinks with companions and new friends.

While you’re in Paddington, it wouldn’t hurt to taste the heavenly, state-of-the-art chocolate Just Williams Chocolates has to offer. Indulging in these delectable treats with their uniquely designed packaging will bring you pleasure and comfort after a busy week. 

Shopping in Paddington

What is Paddington without shopping, anyway? Once you’re settled in Paddington, you’ll realise that you might never run out of places to shop and items to buy. 

Along Oxford Street, you’ll find the famous Paddington Markets. In Paddington Markets, you’ll find world-class design made by local businesses. This market thrives in community and creativity, and their passion shows in their work. You’ll find arts and crafts, trinkets and clothes that you won’t find anywhere else.

Moving along Oxford Street where it meets Glenmore Road, you’ll find The Intersection, yet another shopping district where you can find chic brands like Sass & Bide, Alice McCall, and Zimmermann, just to name a few.

If you feel like spoiling yourself and indulging in luxury, The Intersection will not disappoint. 

Once you’ve done your best work in finding the perfect clothes, you’ll want to top the whole thing off with fine jewelry, which you can find in Pierre Winter Fine Jewels. From vintage classic design to modern expression, you’re sure to have your bases covered.

Relaxing in Paddington

Yes; you’ll be busy at Paddington, and you’ll love it that way. But if you want to wind down and relax, you can appreciate art at the galleries, like the Iain Dawson Gallery or the Global Gallery.

You might also enjoy a normal day at the movies at Chauvel Cinema, a place beloved by film enthusiasts. 

We hope these recommendations help! In Paddington, you won’t run out of fun things to do. The best part? You’ll always look and feel good while living in this exquisite neighbourhood. 

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