What we love about Mosman

  • Classy, upscale suburb that has practically everything 
  • Fabulous beaches and nature parks 
  • Relaxed atmosphere and great people 

Elegance is a word that can sum up the plethora of beautiful things that can be said about Mosman. While living here might be on the expensive side, you’ll sooner realise that it’s worth it. 

When we say worth it, we’re not only talking about its amenities. We’re also talking about the loving and welcoming people in this neighbourhood. With them around, you’re guaranteed to get back your money’s worth tenfold. 

A view of Curraghbeena Point, the most westerly peninsula of the suburb of Mosman (Photo: Philip Terry Graham)

Mosman at a glance

Mosman is located 8 kilometres north-east of the city. It’s surrounded by water, overlooking the Sydney Harbour and Middle Harbour. The Sydney Opera House is visible from a distance. 

Transportation options in the suburb are ferry (to get to the city) and buses (to the city and other suburbs). 

Mosman Ferry Wharf (Photo: Philip Terry Graham)

Beaches in Mosman

Athol Bay Beach, Mosman (Photo: MD111)

Because the suburb is enveloped by harbours, you can expect to see a number of beaches nearby. Athol Bay Beach, Cobblers Beach, Chinamans Beach, and Whiting Beach are just a few of the breathtaking and relaxing beaches you can easily pay visits to in Mosman. 

Each of the beaches has its distinct profile, but you’re sure to have fun no matter which one you choose. After all, when you live here, you’ll have plenty of time to explore all of them. 

Parks in Mosman

Sydney Harbour National Park (Photo: Nigel Howe)

Mosman is also filled with a number of public parks and reserves. One must-visit park is the Sydney Harbour National Park. Aside from your usual picnics, barbecues, and reading under a tree, you can opt to take a tour of the Sydney Harbour Islands for a small fee.

Other parks you can visit are: Memory Park, Rosherville Reserve, Clifton Gardens Reserve, and Balmoral Park, just to name a few. 

Shopping in Mosman

Bridgepoint Shopping Centre (Photo: bridgepointmosman.com.au)

The main shopping area for food in Mosman is Bridgepoint Shopping Centre. Locals go there to buy their fresh produce and other grocery items. 

For retail shopping, you’ll find many boutiques along Military Road.

Food and drinks in Mosman

You’ll find restaurants, pubs, and cafes mainly along Military Road as well, but there are also great options along The Esplanade, Avenue Road and Middle Head Road

Our top 3 picks

Restaurants: Komaru (Japanese), Kazzi Beach Greek, Rosso Cavallino (Italian)

Cafes: Cafe Mosman, Avenue Road Cafe, Burnt Orange

Pubs:  Bathers’ Pavilion, The Buena, Barrel Bar and Dining

As you go on living in Mosman, you’ll realise that there are also establishments in the pockets of minor roads, so don’t limit yourself. 

Other activities in Mosman

As if beaches and parks weren’t enough, Mosman has more to keep you occupied.

Instead of just looking at Sydney Harbour in amazement, you can also rent kayaks to paddle along and enjoy the scenery better. You can also take a trip to Taronga Zoo to see animals that have been nurtured by the Taronga Conservation Society of Australia

Taronga Zoo (Photo: Joe Brockmeier)

A life lived in Mosman is a completely brand new experience. It draws you in with its nature charms, but you’ll stay for the convenience, peace of mind, and overall comfort that this suburb brings. 

To find out more about Mosman and its surroundings, check out our Area Profile of Mosman which covers the local demographics, recent properties that have been sold and are for sale/rent, transport options etc.

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