What we love about Marrickville

  • Its diverse and inclusive community that overflows with immigrant and LGBT cultures
  • Family-friendly facilities like parks, playgrounds, and recreational centres
  • Proximity to schools, transport terminals, and the city, especially with a new Metro station opening up in 2024
  • Abundance of spaces for musicians and artists

Located around 30 minutes (7 kms) southwest of the CBD, you’ll find a modern scene like you never imagined in Marrickville. Its unique population that thrives in culture and diversity might just give you the vote of confidence you need if you’re still thinking twice about making the move.

Marrickville is about its people, but it’s also so much more than that. In this guide, you’ll find some of the key things in this neighbourhood that you’ll appreciate everyday.

People in Marrickville

People in Marrickville
People in Marrickville

Marrickville’s key identifier is its multicultural attributes. With almost half of its population born outside of Australia, you’re sure to learn a thing or two about countries like Greece, Vietnam, and others from the people you interact with everyday.

Moreover, Marrickville is also known to have a lively LGBT population, and is supported by the local government. These initiatives promote a friendly and accepting culture among residents of the suburb. 

Family life in Marrickville

Along with this suburb’s emerging growth is the influx of new families, and they’re not wrong for choosing to live here. Despite its working class roots, it’s fast becoming a hub for young, busy professionals. That said, its small-town community sense of living still remains intact.

Local shops in Marrickville
Local shops in Marrickville

New families are always adjusting to new circumstances, so it helps a great deal to have everything within reach. For shopping needs, families can hit up the Marrickville Metro on Victoria Road, which has a Woolworths and Kmart, amongst your usual retailers found in typical neighbourhood shopping malls.

For leisurely strolls or playtime with kids, Marrickville has parks and playgrounds at every corner of the suburb; it’s almost impossible to get bored around here. 

And of course, you’re also equipped with plenty of school options from day 1.

Food in Marrickville

Locals flock to Marrickville over the weekends to sample some of the amazing and authentic food the neighbourhood has to offer.

Hello Auntie, a popular modern Vietnamese restaurant in Marrickville

It’s home to some of the best Vietnamese food in town without having to venture too far out West. Some of the recommended and popular eateries include PHD, Hello Auntie and Marrickville Pork Roll. You’ll be able to spot the latter with its long lines.

Creative lifestyle in Marrickville

Rapid modernisation means the integration of new trends and catering to a new set of interests. Marrickville has also grown to become a hub for creatives, like its next-door suburbs. 

Locals have put up spaces to allow for this creativity to flourish. MakerSpace & Co, for example, is a community workshop space that hosts learning sessions and events for those who want to learn new skills, or simply want to express themselves. 

If you’re looking to mould your new masterpiece, you might also want to check out Clay Sydney for pottery classes.

Fun things to explore in Marrickville

Marrickville is yet another inner-west suburb that you can trust for specialty beers. The folks at The Crafty Pint created a whole craft beer crawl that spans seven stops for maximum enjoyment. 

For some classic peace and quiet alone with your thoughts and books, you’ll want to pay a visit to the new Marrickville Library and Pavilion that just opened this year, with its collection of 85,000 books.

The Addison Road Community Centre hosts weekend markets where you’ll find organic produce, great food stalls, vintage clothing.

Shops in Marrickville

There’s always something to do in Marrickville. With its multicultural and inclusive community, it’s a great neighbourhood for everyone!

If you’re curious or want more detail on Marrickville and its surroundings, check out our Area Profile of Marrickville.

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