What we love about Maroubra

  • A beach town located so close to the CBD: who says you can’t mix work and play?
  • Ease of living: supermarkets, shopping malls, and restaurants are right within your reach.
  • Stress-free environment: when you’re this close to the beach with amazing people and activities, it’s hard to find time to worry about anything.

Maroubra is one of the beachside Eastern suburbs of Sydney. We don’t have to tell you, but the amount of attention it receives simply doesn’t do it justice.

Maroubra Beach (Photo by: Maurice van Creij)

With a 1.1 kilometer stretch of a beach with beautiful waves, you can expect to see people surfing all-year round. It is, in fact, the first beach in Australia that was dedicated as a National Surfing Reserve back in 2006. 

On top of all the beach life, this neighbourhood has many more facets that make it a strong contender for those looking to find a new home.

Shopping in Maroubra

Maroubra’s center is within arm’s reach of Maroubra Junction, a well-known shopping district in the area. Westfield Eastgardens, once the largest mall in Australia, is also just a stone’s throw away.

Pacific Square (Photo by: Pacific Square Maroubra)

Pacific Square is the number one go-to place of locals, primarily because it has everything—shops, supermarkets like Coles and Aldi, Australia Post for your mailing needs, and even clinics. 

Aside from a big shopping mall, the neighbourhood also has all the essentials like pharmacies, liquor stores (yes, an essential), and restaurants.

People in Maroubra

The neighbourhood is also best characterised by its population. People from all over the world nowadays tend to gravitate toward moving to smaller neighbourhoods close to the beach. 

Hence, you’ll find that Maroubra has a good mix of Asian and European migrants blending with the locals. You can also expect to see younger people in their 20s or 30s living here, either as remote workers, or simply as young professionals who want to get away from the noise and crowd after work hours.

Food and drinks in Maroubra

Most of the restaurants and cafes are located along Maroubra Road, McKeon Street, and Marine Parade. You have a mix of your classics like pizza, pasta, Chinese, alongside local vegan and vegetarian options in these food strips.

Breezes Bar, Maroubra Seals Club (Photo by: Maroubra Seals Club)

After dinner (or maybe even during the day), you might also want to enjoy a bottle of cold beer and mingle with people while enjoying live music and other activities at Maroubra Seals Club.

Activities in Maroubra

It’s been said time and time again: do as the locals do. In Maroubra, that means learning how to swim and surf. Let’s Go Surfing offers affordable swimming and surfing lessons both for kids and adults. Enrolling in a few sessions will get you confidently conquering the seas alone. 

While this is an admittedly very unique suburb, it still maintains classic features of other Sydney suburbs like parks. Arthur Byrne Reserve is a big park where you can enjoy solitary walks or barbecue with friends. 

For sports, playgrounds, or dog-walking, you might also want to check out Nagle Park.

South Coogee and Maroubra from the air (Photo by: Bidgee)

Living in Maroubra is more than just a breath of fresh air—it’s a breath of new life. It mixes the best elements of the places we see everyday and the places we could only see when on vacation. If you’re excited about a change and scenery and lifestyle, this might just be the place to be. 

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