What we love about Liverpool

  • The business district of the future: booming industries, new offices, excellent infrastructure 
  • Accessibility: living here is paradise, everything you might want or need is within reach 


That’s what early residents saw in Liverpool before it began its rapid transformation to becoming a new CBD, and a neighbourhood to watch out for. What was once an agricultural centre is now a model for innovation. 

In this guide, we’ll show you the wonderful aspects of owning a home in Liverpool and convince you that the best time to make the decision to move is now.

We’re covering Liverpool in NSW, Australia here, not Liverpool, England, home of The Beatles or that famous football club.

Booming industry in Liverpool

The Liverpool City Council and the government are investing time and money to ensure that this neighbourhood thrives. For instance, they are creating job opportunities by connecting the Liverpool Hospital (one of the neighbourhood’s largest employers), with shops, transport, and services. 

Moreover, The Paper Mill, a new residential development with unique features (including a riverfront address), is sure to bring more businesses and people in the area.

The Paper Mill (Photo by: Coronation Property)
The Paper Mill (Photo by: Coronation Property)

What does this mean for a homeseeker like you? 

Put simply, you can confidently move your life to Liverpool without worrying about finding a job, excellent residential options, and access to facilities. It makes having this address especially more appealing, knowing that it’s practically surrounded by everything you might need. 

Transportation options in Liverpool

A key component of a modern neighbourhood is mobility. In Liverpool, you have easy access to the M5 motorway, making travel opportunities endless. 

Liverpool Train Station (Photo by: J Bar)
Liverpool Train Station (Photo by: J Bar)

For those who prefer public transportation, the Liverpool Train Station is your gateway to the main Sydney CBD and other suburbs. You’ll also have access to T-way buses, ensuring that you get to where you need to be as quickly as possible.

Shopping centres in Liverpool

You’ll find most of your shopping options along Macquarie Street. You’ll have Westfield, Liverpool Plaza, and Macquarie Mall, just to name a few. There are also outlet stores along the same street.

Westfield Liverpool
Westfield Liverpool (Photo by: Scentre Group)

In these shopping malls, you’ll have unlimited options for food, fashion, and other lifestyle essentials. These malls also have our favourite supermarkets—Coles, Woolworths, and ALDI. More than that, you’ll also find specialty supermarkets for organic and whole foods. 

Bars and cafes in Liverpool

A busy district aways has pockets of fun and relaxation in its midst, and Liverpool surely does not disappoint. 

Macquarie Hotel Liverpool
Macquarie Hotel Liverpool (Photo by: Macquarie Hotel)

For happy hours, swing by Macquarie Hotel for some drinks, live sports, and lest we forget, Chef Fassnidge’s delicious food. If you’d rather spend your after work hours belting it out, VIP Karaoke has got you covered. 

For some midday relaxation, you’ll want to check out the cafes in the area like Lara’s Cafe, Ristretto & Co, or Cafe Twenty3 for specialty coffee, paired with meals and desserts. 

Liverpool City Centre Master Plan
Liverpool City Centre Master Plan (Image by: Liverpool City Council)

If you’re one for new beginnings, you might realise that you share a similar story with the city of Liverpool. What we’ve shared with you today only covers the tip of the iceberg of the developments in this neighbourhood. 

Surely, now is the best time to ride on its progress and stay excited for the vast amount of things that it can offer you as a resident in the near future. 

If you’d like to find out more about the neighbourhood, check out our Area Profile of Liverpool which provides in-depth information on Comparable Properties, Amenities, Transport Options, Demographics etc.

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