What we love about Leichhardt:

  • Its Italian charm. You feel like you’ve been transported to Italy, with plenty of great Italian food options.
  • Accessibility and Convenience: plenty of transport options to the CBD and lots of local and Main St stores.
  • Family friendly neighbourhood with a lots of green spaces for families.
Leichhardt Town Hall
Leichhardt Town Hall

We’ve all had dreams of moving to Europe one day, or at least living there for an extended period of time. But for practical reasons like our jobs or family, we can’t seem to take such a big leap. If you’re from Sydney, this dream doesn’t have to be too far off.

Leichhardt, an inner-west suburb, is known as the “Little Italy” of Sydney. Living in Leichhardt provides you sweet blend of Italy and Europe on every corner, without having to pack your life completely and travel thousands of miles away. 

If the convenience of experiencing culture at its finest isn’t enough to convince you to check out the neighbourhood, we’ve listed a few things that may help solidify this decision. 

Food in Leichhardt

Because this is Little Italy, it should go without saying that this suburb abounds with places to enjoy pasta, pizza, and of course, gelato. The best part? You can get all of these right on the same block.

Moretti Ristorante Pizzeria (Photo: Moretti)
Moretti Ristorante Pizzeria (Photo: Moretti)

If you walk down Norton Street, you’ll find Moretti Ristorante Pizzeria, where you can get authentic yet simple Italian food. They serve all kinds of appetisers, pizza, and pasta. If you can’t decide what to order, you can’t go wrong with their Agnolotti di Aragosta, a handmade pasta with seafood and tomato sauce. 

Bar Italia (Photo: Facebook)
Bar Italia gelato (Photo: Facebook)
Bar Italia (Photo: Facebook)

After a fine Italian meal, walk over to Bar Italia for dessert. Their fine selection of gelato will leave you wanting more (although you probably shouldn’t have another one). 

For light treats, you have Penny Fours. They serve the best croissants and pastries, which you can take home for the family to enjoy. They’re only open 5 days a week, Wednesdays through Sundays, between 7 am and 3 pm. Be sure to set your alarms so you don’t miss out! 

Bar Sport
Bar Sport

Another popular spot and a Leichhardt institution amongst the locals is Bar Sport on Norton St. Authentic, no frills Italian coffee and breakfast. There’s always a game of football/soccer on the TV.

Fitness in Leichhardt 

With great food comes great responsibility—to keep yourself in shape, that is. You won’t have any trouble staying active in Leichhardt. First, it’s a very walkable and bikeable suburb. Just seeing everyone else run will make you want to get moving too. 

Leichhardt Park Aquatic Centre
Leichhardt Park Aquatic Centre (Photo: Facebook)

Second, it’s close to excellent fitness facilities like the Leichhardt Park Aquatic Centre where you can swim, try yoga, or go to the gym. 

You can also play basketball or tennis in the multi-purpose courts over at Richard Murden Reserve

To add to the fun of being active, you can take your dogs for a stroll at Hawthorne Canal. Not only will you and your pooch get your much needed exercise—you’ll also get the opportunity to share the fun with a lot of other dog owners. 

Family life in Leichhardt

Leichhardt is built for people in all stages of life. However, it’s especially easier for families to live here. Families with children have plenty of schools and daycare centres to choose from. You can evaluate your options based on the type of education and care you deem fit for your kids.

Leichhardt Public School
Leichhardt Public School

On top of that, you wouldn’t have any trouble shopping for groceries. Leichhardt has all the major supermarkets – Coles, Woolworths, and Aldi. It’s also home to Harris Farm Markets, a haven for fresh produce.

Norton Plaza - home to Coles, Harris Farms etc.
Norton Plaza – home to Coles, Harris Farms etc.

Marketplace Leichhardt, home to Woolworths and Aldi mentioned above also has your Main St brands that you’ll find in most suburban shopping centres such as Target, Specsavers, Donut King, Mister Minit, The Cheesecake Shop, and more.

Palace Norton Cinema
Palace Norton Cinema

If you intend to go on a simple day out, you can catch films at Palace Norton Street with the whole gang. 

Cool places to check out in Leichhardt

Leichhardt Italian Forum (Photo by J Bar)
Leichhardt Italian Forum (Photo: J Bar)

If you’d like to spend a day like a tourist in Leichhardt, your best bet is to visit The Italian Forum for the complete Italian experience, from its Tuscan architecture to shops and events. 

You should also pay a visit to the Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Co-Operative to see outstanding local art pieces that tell a story.

Finally, every first and third Sunday, you can go on a tour around the Sydney Bus Museum to see and learn about historic buses that were around from the 20s to the 80s. 

Norton St Leichhardt (Photo: J Bar)
Norton St Leichhardt (Photo: J Bar)

Calling Leichhardt your home means pursuing a life in a suburb that perfectly synergises Italian and Australian living. It’s a place that’s both new and familiar at the same time; you won’t need to go anywhere else.

Want to find out more about what Leichhardt is like? Our Area Profile of Leichhardt has all the necessary data to give you a complete picture of the neighbourhood.

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