What we love about Lane Cove

  • A safe, village-like suburb that’s perfect for families with kids
  • Peaceful and quiet—an introvert’s haven (or heaven, works either way)
  • Beautiful national parks and public libraries 

If there’s one neighbourhood that can encapsulate the true meaning of the word home, it would definitely be Lane Cove. Famous musician, Michael Hutchence of INXS fame, along with actress, Nicole Kidman were once residents here.

Lane Cove is a Lower North Shore suburb dwelled in by all sorts of people: young and old, singles and families, and people of different cultural backgrounds. These differences, however, don’t hinder its residents from regarding each other as one community. 

In this guide, we’ll answer some of the questions you might have before ultimately deciding to move here.

Family Life in Lane Cove

This neighbourhood is one of the best when it comes to raising a family for many reasons. Among those reasons is safety. Lane Cove is one of the safest suburbs to live with very low crime rates. Parents won’t have to worry about kids playing outside or walking to school. 

Furthermore, it has a number of good schools. Along Longueville Road alone, we have the Lane Cove Public School, Currambena Primary & Preschool, and St. Michael’s Catholic Primary School. Parents’ options for education go beyond this road. 

Lane Cove is also very close to Chatswood and a few kilometres away from Sydney CBD, making it easy for parents to commute from work and back.

Lane Cove Market Square (Photo by: BN Group)

You also won’t need to worry about shopping and grocery needs, as the Lane Cove Market Square is very accessible and has everything you might need. 

Facilities in Lane Cove

In Lane Cove, you’ll have everything you need to have fun. Here’s a simple list of the facilities that will be made available to you when you live here.

Lane Cove Aquatic Leisure Centre

Lane Cove Aquatic Leisure Centre
Photo by: Lane Cove Aquatic

This centre is a huge all-in-one facility for swimming and exercising with its pools and gym where you can avail of lessons and training programs, or simply do it yourself. It also doubles as an events place for kids’ birthday parties.


We tried our hardest to pick just one park, but there are simply too many in Lane Cove. Best of these is the Lane Cove National Park where you can go hiking, have a picnic, or even ride boats. There’s also Blackman Park on the west side which is a favourite among kids because of its playgrounds, cricket pitch and tennis courts. 

For a full nature experience, you’ll also want to swing by Lane Cove Bushland Park from time to time where you can opt to join a walking tour or appreciate the forest and the river on your own. 


Lane Cove Library (Photo by: BN Group)

The Lane Cove Public Library is a beloved library in the neighbourhood with its large selection of books. Over at Lane Cove North, you’ll also find the West Chatswood Library, which is especially great for young readers. 

As a bonus, this neighbourhood also promotes street libraries, where people can give and take books for free to further promote reading.

Restaurants at Lane Cove

Metre long pizza (Photo by: Via Napoli)

One of the most famous restaurants in this neighbourhood is Via Napoli, a place that serves the best pizza and the full Italian experience. It’s located along Longueville Road, along with other good restaurants in the area. 

You’ll also want to take a stroll along Burns Bay Road to find the best cafes with premium coffee and delectable pastries. 

Lane Cove National Park
Lane Cove National Park (Photo by: David Lochlin)

If you want to live a worry-free life, Lane Cove is a perfect fit for you. It’s the culmination of convenience, safety, and peace of mind that you’ve always longed to have. 

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