What we love about Kogarah

  • Combines important elements of the new and the old
  • Complete access to key public and private facilities and institutions
  • Balance of nature spaces and up-and-coming commercial scenes 

Developed suburbs are typically characterised by the presence of countless high rise buildings, and bustling traffic. What if we told you that there’s a place surrounded by beautiful clean waters, a number of historic sites, yet also has a booming commercial scene? 

Meet Kogarah—a suburb you’ll want to add to your list of prospects for your next home. 

Your day at a glance

When you first move to Kogarah, one of the first things you’ll notice is the diversity. Only 33% of its residents are born in Australia, with the rest of its population originally from China, Nepal, and other (mostly-Asian) countries. 

This diversity in cultures gives you a world-class experience, with exposure to different languages, food, and practices all within a 3-square kilometre piece of land. 

Westpac Kogarah Atrium (Photo: BarkerRyanStewart)
Westpac Kogarah Atrium (Photo: BarkerRyanStewart)

After seeing the people, you’ll notice the structures. You’ll see a mix of both modern-style and old-fashioned houses, buildings, and churches. There’s nothing more refreshing than seeing a variety of structures; breaking monotony without compromising symmetry. 

A convenient place to live


Western (Station St) entrance to Kogarah railway station (Photo: Gareth Edwards)
Western (Station St) entrance to Kogarah railway station (Photo: Gareth Edwards)

If there’s one place that should remain at the top of your mind, it should be Kogarah Station. Kogarah Station is where you’ll find a 24-hour railway system that caters to different travel routes, as well as scheduled buses and taxi services for all your transportation needs. 

This all-day access to transportation is especially great for those who work or travel irregular hours. 


Kogarah Town Centre (Photo: Stonebridge)

If you’re thinking about shopping, there’s also a one stop shop for that: Kogarah Town Centre. Aside from the ever-reliable ALDI and Woolworths, the Centre also houses food stalls, a library, a medical centre, the post office, and anything else you might need.

You’ll also find hospitals (i.e., St. George Private Hospital and St. George Public Hospital), police stations, and government services within the area. 

To top it all off, Kogarah is within close proximity to suburbs in the St. George Area, giving residents access to more shopping centres and facilities without having to travel too far. 

Family and student-friendly 

One key priority of families looking for a new home is having options for schools within the neighbourhood. In Kogarah, there’s quite a handful of schools. 

For primary and secondary education, you’ll have Kogarah Public School, Moorefield Girls High School, St. George Girls High School, and James Cook Boys Technology High School, just to name a few. For the full list of Schools, check out our School Catchment Area of Kogarah.

For higher education, you’ll have TAFE St. George Campus within reach. 

Access to community services and activities 

Kogarah Community Services (Photo: Facebook)
Kogarah Community Services (Photo: Facebook)

Kogarah has its own Community Services Centre where you can participate in activities and advocacies or seek assistance for certain needs (e.g. child care). 

There’s also the St. George Community Centre if you’d like to host events or attend classes along with other members of the neighbourhood.

You can also meet your neighbours informally, of course, while you take your afternoon strolls in the park of your choosing. 

Kogarah Community Centre, former Post Office (Photo: J Bar)
Kogarah Community Centre, former Post Office (Photo: J Bar)

If what you have in mind is a neighbourhood you’ll call your home for the long haul, Kogarah is the place for you. 

It has everything that you might need at every stage of your life, and will continue to grow while maintaining its picturesque charm—a rare combination in this rapidly modernising world. 

To find out more about what Kogarah has to offer, check out our Area Profile of Kogarah, which covers detailed demographics of the neighbourhood, more amenities, properties that have recently sold and are listed for sale/rent and much more.

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