What we love about Kingsford

  • Good neighbourhood and community for students
  • Tons of great and cheap eats in the area
  • Accessibility in terms of transport and nearby suburbs
University of New South Wales
University of New South Wales (Photo by: UNSW Facebook Page)

Kingsford is the university town students never thought they needed. It’s located just a bit south of University of New South Wales, a well-known top university in Australia, and in the world. 

While this neighbourhood is populated by mostly students and young people, it also welcomes people of different ages and even families. 

In this guide, we’ll show you the top perks of living in this neighbourhood, all geared toward maximising the student life without compromising fun and enjoyment. 

People in Kingsford

More than just a collection of people who go to the same university, people in Kingsford are a community. As mentioned, there’s a perfect mix of people going through different stages in life. More than that, it’s also a highly diverse community, with roughly 35% of its people born overseas.

A diverse population leads to exposure to different cultures, which makes for a great community of people who speak different languages and have multitudes of experiences.

Accessibility of Kingsford

Kingsford is not only walking distance to the university, but also nearby suburbs. While this is so, there are still very reliable transportation options to travel out of Kingsford which include a good number of bus lines, and a recently built light rail. 

UNSW High Street Light Rail Stop (Photo by: UNSW Facebook Page)

Food in Kingsford

When it comes to food, we understand that students ought to be sensitive to prices due to their limited budget. Luckily for you, we’ve all been there. We know just where to lead you.

Ayam Goreng 99 (Photo by: Ayam Goreng 99)

One of our favourites is Ayam Goreng 99, a restaurant that serves Indonesian food in all its glory. While you’re there, don’t forget to try out their ayam bakar or grilled chicken—a dish you might never forget for a really long time.

Another one is Albee’s Kitchen, an authentic Malaysian restaurant that serves some of the most extensive options for Malaysian food in town. They’re pretty generous with their serving sizes too!

You’ll find both these restaurants along Anzac Parade, where there are countless more options for affordable dining. You’ll also want to check out It’s Time for Thai for their prawn dishes and Halal options, Chatime and Beau Tea for bubble tea. 

Groceries in Kingsford

Of course, eating doesn’t begin and end in restaurants. You’ll also want to stock up on snacks and other essentials at home. 

There are quite a few Asian supermarkets in the area, and among these are Randwick Oriental Supermarket and Jasmine Asia Supermarket. Both of these are also along Anzac Parade. 

Kingsford (Photo by: Bidgee)

When you’re a student, the more convenient things are, the less stressed you’ll be. You shouldn’t have to worry about other things on top of your exams and organisations. 

Living in Kingsford ensures that you’ll have the best experience by providing you a wide range of accessible and affordable options that are hard to find anywhere else. 

To take a closer look at what else is there in the neighbourhood, check out our Area Profile of Kingsford.

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