What we love about Hurstville

  • Family-friendly suburb with schools, bigger housing options, and amenities all over 
  • A multicultural hotspot: would be an easy favourite for those who love Asian cuisine 
  • Easy access to shopping and government offices

Hurstville is one of those suburbs that definitively gives off a family-friendly atmosphere once you see it. With plenty of establishments and facilities all over, you’ll find that it’s one of the most convenient neighbourhoods there ever is.

One thing that you’ll also notice at first glance is its multicultural feature. Almost half of its population originates from different countries, and this could only be a good thing: you can be part of a community with very rich stories, and of course, spectacular food.

In this guide, we’ll talk more about some of the key features of this neighbourhood, so you can assess if what it offers matches your needs.

Getting around Hurstville

Hurstville Train Station (Photo by: Phillip Terry Graham)

The Hurstville Station is your gateway to all your transportation needs—trains, buses, even taxis. You needn’t worry if your workplace is in the city or in a nearby suburb; you’ll easily get there. 

As it is, Hurstville covers a very small area and it’s very safe to walk to places within the neighbourhood. 

Schools in Hurstville

Families with kids are welcomed in the suburb with the whole package, and that includes the options of schools within the area. You have public school options like Hurstville Public School and Hurstville South Public School.

There are also loads of private schools in the area like Georges River College and St. Mary Star of the Sea.

While this is far from an exhaustive list, you may refer to our Schools guide for the catchment areas of public schools that fall in Hurstville.

Food and drinks in Hurstville

As mentioned, Hurstville is bursting with culture. If you’re one for Asian cuisine, then you’re looking at the right place to move. The Sydney Morning Herald even contends that Hurstville is Sydney’s real Chinatown.

You’ll find noodle houses, authentic Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese food (and more) along Forest Road. Along that road, you’ll also find cafes and dessert places to start and end your days with. 

Some of these places are open 24 hours or at least until very late at night, which is perfect if you’re one to have frequent midnight cravings.  

Westfield Hurstville (Photo by: Scentre Group)
Westfield Hurstville (Photo by: Scentre Group)

If you’re in the middle of shopping, don’t let hunger interrupt you: there are plenty of good restaurants in Westfield Hurstville. A detour is unnecessary.

Other noteworthy places in Hurstville

We thought it might be worth mentioning these few key places that you might need or want to visit when you live in this neighbourhood.


You won’t need to cross borders when you need medical assistance or simply a check-up. You can opt to go to Hurstville Private Hospital, Wales Medical Centre, or Waratah Private Hospital


Ma'anshan Friendship Park
Ma’anshan Friendship Park (Photo by: J Bar)

Hurstville has a handful of parks like Woodville Park, Bell Park, Quarry Reserve, Ma’anshan Friendship Park, and more. These parks have playgrounds where kids can play. Kids (and adults) can also play sports, or simply relax while enjoying the grassy land. 

Shopping Centres

Aside from Westfield, there’s also Hurstville Central. For boutiques and outlets, you’ll find them over at Cross Street and Park Road.

Hurstville Central
Hurstville Central (Photo by: Phillip Terry Graham)

No one’s ever probably said “don’t judge a suburb by its size” but we’re saying it now—Hurstville may be a small community, but it doesn’t take away from its overall completeness and functionality. Residents have been happy living in this suburb thus far, and we’re sure you’ll be just as satisfied.

To find out more about what makes residents of Hurstville happy, check out our Area Profile of Hurstville that provides more information of the neighbourhood covering Comparable Properties, Amenities, Transport Options, Demographics and more.

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