What we love about Haymarket

  • Great selection of food throughout the day
  • Shopping right at your fingertips: weekly night markets, shopping centres and outlets 
  • Young, multicultural population
  • Proximity to top universities
The Sydney Chinatown (Photo by: Lenny K Photography)

Famously known as Sydney’s Chinatown, Haymarket is packed with Asian influences like you’ve never seen before. With less than 10% of its population born in Australia, you’re guaranteed to have a multicultural experience with the people you meet in this neighbourhood everyday. 

In this guide, we’ll dive deeper into how this unique population influences how life is like at Haymarket, and why this neighbourhood should definitely be at the top of your list. 

Food in Haymarket

Haymarket is known to be well-loved by foodies, for very obvious reasons. You don’t need to go out of your way to taste authentic Asian food. A stroll down at George Street and Dixon Street will give you access to tasty food ranging from Chinese to Thai, and other Asian favourites.

While you’re there, you shouldn’t miss out on Marigold for a dimsum binge or a fancy Chinese dinner.

Paddys Market Sydney (Photo by: Adam.J.W.C)

If you’re just coming out of shopping, Market City had just opened its brand new food court, ready to serve you sushi, ramen, and noodles all in one floor. 

Shopping in Haymarket

Haymarket has the classic Woolworths at Quay Street for your everyday needs, but shopping is made more interesting in Haymarket. 

Market City carries most popular brands and outlet stores for your shopping needs. It houses Paddy’s Market and the Thai Kee IGA supermarket for fresh produce, cooking ingredients, and non-food items.

Friday night market (Photo by: Newtown graffiti)

Every Friday, you’ll also get the chance to experience the Chinatown Friday Night Market which showcases items designed and produced by locals. This weekly shopping spree also doubles as a food crawl, as food stalls are part of the night market. 

Work and School Life at Haymarket

While Haymarket mirrors tourist spots, locals enjoy living at Haymarket because of its accessibility as well. 

Haymarket is very close to the city, which means that offices can be walking distance or just a couple of minutes away via bus or train.

It’s also close to two top universities in Sydney: University of Technology Sydney and the University of Sydney

Dr. Chau Chak Wing Building, University of Technology Sydney (Photo by: Brickworks Limited)

This neighbourhood’s location is one key reason why its young people comprise more than half of its total population.

Nightlife at Haymarket

No matter what you do during the day or what you like doing, this suburb has a nightlife scene tailored just for you.

For the classic bar hangout, George Street has a ton of bars and hotels that serve cocktails, beer, and food. 

But if you find yourself tired of sitting and drinking, you might want to use that energy for some singing and dancing at the best karaoke places like Dynasty Karaoke or D1 Karaoke for a whole new level of fun. 

For those who may not be a fan of loud music but still want to make the most out of evenings, you could instead catch musicals or opera performances at the Capitol Theatre, one of Sydney’s best regarded performing arts centers.  

Kimber Lane, Haymarket, Sydney (Photo by: Stephen Kelly)

When describing Haymarket, fun is an understatement. It’s a lively scene from day through night, and always has something for everyone to love.

To get a better picture of Haymarket and its surroundings, check out our Area Profile of Haymarket.

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