What we love about Elizabeth Bay

  • Beautiful and peaceful parks
  • Convenient, at the centre of everything
  • LGBTQIA+ friendly

If you’re part of the minority of people who’d much rather go home after a day’s work instead of partying, consider finding a home in Elizabeth Bay. 

Elizabeth Bay is a harbourside suburb three kilometres away from the city. It’s a suburb roughly described by its residents as their own getaway, with views of calming waters right out of their backyards or windows. 

In this guide, we’ll show you why Elizabeth Bay might be the right suburb for you.

Elizabeth Bay from Darling Point (Photo: Nick-D)
Elizabeth Bay from Darling Point (Photo: Nick-D)


Elizabeth Bay is considered to be one of the top suburbs for LGBTQIA+ individuals and couples. Aside from gender inclusive, this suburb is also multicultural. Almost half its population hail from different parts of the world, with a significant portion of this half coming from Europe.

It goes without saying that people influence culture, which you’ll see in the abundance of European restaurants and cafes within Elizabeth Bay.

Restaurants and cafes 

One example of European culture being alive and well in Elizabeth Bay is Antonio’s Trattoria, an authentic Italian restaurant with a short menu of pizzas, pastas, and seafood viands. Be sure to taste their special Profiteroles after a hearty meal!

Antonio's Trattoria (Photo: antoniotrattoria.com.au)
Antonio’s Trattoria (Photo: antoniotrattoria.com.au)

You’ll also want to hang out at The Lookout Cafe for some fine al fresco dining, overlooking the marina. 

The Lookout Cafe (Photo: Facebook)
The Lookout Cafe (Photo: Facebook)


Its proximity to the city gives you access to the best healthcare, schools and universities, and shopping malls. It’s also close to Kings Cross, expanding your range of amenities, including the Kings Cross Centre where you can do your groceries to your heart’s content. 

Kings Cross Centre
Kings Cross Centre (Photo: kxcentre.com)

Being almost at the centre of everything, there are many train stations within the area such as Edgecliff Station and Kings Cross Railway Station.

There are also buses at almost every corner of Elizabeth Bay, if you need to go somewhere not within walking distance. Otherwise, you can opt to do what most residents of Elizabeth Bay do: walk or bike. It’s easy, with friendly streets, and everything right within reach.


As we’ve established, Elizabeth Bay is a peaceful suburb. The best way to maximise this peacefulness is by hanging out at parks. We’re partial to Beare Park. It’s a park that gets you close enough to the water, enough to appreciate it more than you already will on the daily. 

Another beautiful park is the Arthur McElhone Reserve. It’s a little kingdom in and of itself. Aside from walking or reading books while sitting on a bench, this park has a small water stream which people love taking pictures of.

Many people have also celebrated significant events in Arthur McElhone Reserve like weddings and birthdays, due to the happiness and peace that the park brings. 

Beare Park (Photo: Sam Crawford Architects)
Beare Park (Photo: Sam Crawford Architects)

When deciding where to purchase your next home, we strongly encourage you to pay attention to the details. It is in the details that you’ll find hidden gems like Elizabeth Bay—a small yet happy and complete neighbourhood that you won’t regret choosing.

To find out more about Elizabeth Bay and what it has to offer, check out our Area Profile of Elizabeth Bay, which contains more detailed statistics on recent properties that were sold, for sale and for rent, the demographics of the neighbourhood, transport options and lots more.

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