What we love about Eastwood

  • Plenty of nice restaurants and shopping centres
  • Easily accessible transportation facilities
  • Family-friendly and culturally diverse 

17 kilometres north-west of the CBD, sits a charming suburb called Eastwood. Even though it occupies only a small land area in a sea of northern suburbs, it presents itself as a strong contender for home buyers because of its people and accessibility to key facilities. 

Eastwood Shopping Centre (Photo: Yuhu Group)
Eastwood Shopping Centre (Photo: Yuhu Group)

People in Eastwood

Eastwood has a balanced population. It contains a good mix of people across age brackets, life status, and nationalities. You shouldn’t be surprised to see plenty of Chinese and Korean shops all over the neighbourhood, as they respectively represent 25% and 8% of Eastwood’s total population

Family Life in Eastwood

Eastwood is also a great place to raise a family. The fact that over half its households consist of couples with children is enough proof of Eastwood’s nurturing environment. Beyond that, here are a few more factors that make Eastwood so family-friendly:


Especially for those who are just starting out, Eastwood has a range of affordable homes that can accommodate a family. It also only takes 30 minutes to an hour to commute to the city, via the T9 train line or buses. It’s possible to further cut that time if you drive. 


Eastwood is known to be a peaceful suburb. With low crime rates and a quiet atmosphere day and night, you’ll feel secure that your children will be safe inside and outside the house. 


The suburb also has a good mix of public and private schools. For public schools, you have Eastwood Public School and Eastwood Heights Public School. For private, you have St. Kevin’s Catholic Primary School and Marist College Eastwood

Eastwood Heights Public School (Photo: NSW Education)
Eastwood Heights Public School (Photo: NSW Education)

For a full list, check out our Schools Catchment Area tool.

Food in Eastwood

There’s an abundance of great food in Eastwood. Residents often say that one side of the railway station is mostly Chinese restaurants and shops, and the other side, Korean. 

In reality, they’re a mix of both. You’ll find KBBQ stores within the same area as bubble tea, and likewise a Chinese-style noodle shop within the same area as authentic Korean restaurants. 

Korean BBQ at Jonga Jip, Eastwood (Photo: insatiablemunch)
Korean BBQ at Jonga Jip, Eastwood (Photo: insatiablemunch)

Indulge yourself in a food trip along Glen Street, Rowe Street, and Railway Parade for the full experience. 

Shopping in Eastwood

Aside from standalone shops in the same streets mentioned above, Eastwood also has multiple shopping spots. You have the Eastwood Shopping Centre (with Woolworths inside), Eastwood Park, Eastwood Village Square, and Greenfield Park Shopping Village

There’s also an ALDI along Rowe Street. 

Parks in Eastwood

Completing the full suburb experience is a number of parks around the area. There are more than ten parks and reserves in Eastwood, big and small, and for various purposes like sports, simple strolls, or barbecue. You can also visit them without a purpose, and simply enjoy the nature. 

You can try visiting Jim Walsh Park, Eastwood Park, and Brush Farm Park to start. If you get tired of them, there are a lot more for you to explore. 

Eastwood (Photo: Yuhu Group)
Eastwood (Photo: Yuhu Group)

Eastwood can be considered a suburb that’s a world of its own. It has the basic suburb essentials pinned down, with much more to offer. Having Asian cuisine right within reach is a plus in itself; a feature we’re sure will sway your decision from a maybe to a yes.

To find out more about Eastwood, check out our Area Profile of Eastwood which contains more in-depth analysis of the neighbourhood.

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