What we love about Dulwich Hill

  • Multicultural and friendly suburb; perfect especially for families and retirees
  • Access to many transportation options
  • Quick access to nearby suburbs for an expanded range of amenities 

Personality: this is what Dulwich Hill is all about as a suburb.

Surviving numerous name changes from its early days—Wardell’s Bush, Wardell’s Hill, Fern Hill—it now has a life of its own, and is thriving with culture, progress, and character. 

In this guide, we’ll get you excited on the new lifestyle you’ll take on when you move to Dulwich Hill.

Marrickville Road, Dulwich Hill (Photo: J Bar)
Marrickville Road, Dulwich Hill (Photo: J Bar)

A people-centred lifestyle

One of the key characteristics of Dulwich Hill is diversity. The 2016 census showed that aside from locals, Dulwich Hill is also composed of people originally from Europe (e.g. England and Greece), and Southeast Asia (e.g. Vietnam and Philippines). 

Its diversity doesn’t end in nationalities, but also a diversity in age groups. This adds points to the relatability of the population, which means that newcomers will find it easy to blend in and make new friends. 

You’ll see this in action through community activities like the famous Dulwich Hill Village Fair, where families and the whole community get together for a whole day of music, food, stories, and fun-filled activities for children and adults. 

A lifestyle of art

The first thing you’ll notice when you come to Dulwich Hill is the street art. This is merely a gateway to the fullest artistic potential of the suburb. This artistic potential has led to the birth of creative cafes, bars, spaces.

An example of this is The Hub House Diner, a diner with spectacular food, al fresco setting, and a beautiful wall designed by the students of Dulwich Hill High

The Hub House Diner (Photo: Facebook)
The Hub House Diner (Photo: Facebook)
Butchers Brew Bar (Photo: Facebook)
Butchers Brew Bar (Photo: Facebook)

Another example is the Butchers Brew Bar, where art extends not only to the cool look and feel of the bar, but also to the multi-genre live music performances that happen at night.

You’ll find more of this lively pub and cafe scene along Marrickville Road and New Canterbury Road.

For art appreciation, you’ll want to pay a visit to Rosedale Street Gallery and the Seaview Gallery for visual arts exhibits.

In this suburb, being a creative starts young, and that’s enabled by the Dulwich High School of Visual Arts and Design.

A lifestyle of comfort

A suburb cannot survive without the necessities, and Dulwich Hill isn’t exempted from that criterion. Dulwich Hill provides access to convenient transportation via the light rail and round-the-clock bus services. 

Dulwich Hill’s main supermarket is IGA along New Canterbury Road. Aside from this, it also has many fruit and vegetable groceries and specialty stores all over the suburb. 

For more options, you’ll be glad to know that Dulwich Hill is next-door neighbours with Marrickville, which has the Marrickville Metro Shopping Centre, a place that hosts plenty of food and boutique stores. Whilst currently undergoing transformation, the new Marrickville Metro is due to complete renovation works late 2020.

Marrickville Metro (Photo: marrickvillemetro.com.au)
Marrickville Metro (Photo: marrickvillemetro.com.au)

The beauty of the neighbourhood is defined by both its appearance and its ability to make people feel comfortable and at home. With a great community and access to the essentials, Dulwich Hill’s aesthetics are merely a cherry on top of an already solid core. 

To find out more about Dulwich Hill and what makes it tick, check out our Area Profile of Dulwich Hill which contains detailed demographics of the area, recent properties that have sold and are currently on the market for sale and for lease, transportation options, amenities and much more.

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