What we love about Drummoyne

  • Relaxing lifestyle surrounded by waters
  • Welcoming and respectful people
  • A go-to suburb for shopping 

Waking up to the sound of boats docking and waves lightly gushing may not be commonplace for most of you. Often, you wake up to the sound of your repetitive alarms that almost immediately transform to the sounds of cars honking and people chattering. 

Your receptiveness to the sounds you hear each morning can spell the difference between a good day and a bad day. 

In this guide, we’ll take you to a place that might change the way you feel about mornings—in large part because of the refreshing sounds you’ll hear, but also because of the comfort that living in this neighbourhood brings. 

Drummoyne at a glance

Drummoyne is an inner-west suburb in New South Wales surrounded by bodies of water; namely the Iron Cove Bay and the Five Dock Bay.

The suburb is roughly 5 kilometres away from the city, which takes no time at all to drive. 

Iron Cove Bridge, view from Drummoyne (Photo: J Bar)
Iron Cove Bridge, view from Drummoyne (Photo: J Bar)

Your other options to travel to the city are buses, namely the M50, M52, and 504 lines, or the ferry. Buses are also the way to get to other suburbs, at times you’ll have to make train transfers. 

Otherwise, the suburb in and of itself is walkable; the surroundings are stylish and picture-perfect. 

People in Drummoyne

Due to its laid back atmosphere and proximity to the city, you’ll be acquainted with different types of people there. For example, those who’ve lived in Drummoyne their whole lives choose to continue living there. 

There are new dwellers as well: professionals, singles, families with children—you name the type of people you want to befriend and you’ll likely find them in Drummoyne. 

Shopping in Drummoyne

People go out of their way to shop at Drummoyne’s outlets to grab awesome deals on branded items. In particular, they pay visits to Birkenhead Point Outlet Centre along Roseby Street

Birkenhead Point (Photo: J Bar)
Birkenhead Point (Photo: J Bar)

Birkenhead Point also houses our ever-reliable Coles and ALDI supermarkets; no need to make separate trips to go on purely leisurely shopping sprees and shopping for essentials. 

Over at Victoria Road, there are meat shops, produce stores, and smaller grocery stores. 

Restaurants and Cafes at Drummoyne

Truth be told, after you’ve done your shopping at Birkenhead Point, you can go and enjoy a meal at one of the many establishments in that area. 

But if you’re looking for more, like a diversity in cuisine or a change in environment, your go-to streets are Victoria Road and Lyons Road.

Activities in Drummoyne

To top off the already great things we’ve told you about this area, here are a few activities you might wish to do when you move in.

You can run or bike along The Bay Run and get your heart rate up while enjoying beautiful scenery. Some people also enjoy taking strolls with their dogs here. 

The Bay Run (Photo: BayRun – Australia)
The Bay Run (Photo: BayRun – Australia)

You can also visit plenty of parks scattered across the whole neighbourhood. You’ll want to check out Brett Park for a captivating view of the waters, or for a nice afternoon picnic. For kids, it’s worth going to Alexandra Reserve for its adventure playgrounds. 

During the summers, the Drummoyne Swimming Centre is open for competitive and casual swimming, water polo, and fitness classes.

Drummoyne Swimming Centre (Photo: Facebook)
Drummoyne Swimming Centre (Photo: Facebook)

They say a change in scenery might be the key to removing blocks in your life, and we agree. If you’re on the road to making a change, Drummoyne’s peaceful and loving environment is the perfect place to start. 

To find out more about Drummoyne including recent sales, current listings, a further look at the neighbourhood’s demographics etc., check out our Area Profile of Drummoyne.

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