Domain’s Top Suburbs in Sydney

A number of people have forwarded and asked us what we thought about today’s article on the most liveable suburbs in Sydney published by Domain.

If you haven’t seen the list, it’s available at:

We’re not sure if they noticed but the top 10 list seems to be heavily skewed towards suburbs in the Lower North Shore, and there hasn’t been much visibility on how 8 suburbs made numbers 1-8 on the list, or what the calculation was behind that list.

One rather interesting / amusing opinion piece basically sums up what many people thought about the list:

So, what do we think?

To us, suburb rankings don’t mean anything, unless it’s personalised since everyone’s preferences are different. You may want a nice leafy suburb that’s kid or pet-friendly but someone else might want to be close to universities or access to the nightlife Sydney has to offer (yes, we know, there are lock-out laws but let’s not get started on that).

Once the list of suburbs get personalised, there needs to be a clear, transparent scoring system that shows how each preference chosen makes up the final score for the suburb, which is what the data used in the article today seem to be lacking.

And this is where we feel we deliver value in. Since we launched in Sydney, our goal was to let people ask the questions and select what they deem important to them. From there, Liveable then perform the calculations on-the-fly giving the list of top suburbs based on what’s important for that specific person.

Try it out yourself and find out which suburbs rank best for you @

Domain’s Top Suburbs in Sydney