What we love about Cronulla

  • A booming suburb with plenty of new restaurants, cafes, and stores 
  • Peaceful, beach-side living 
  • Home of the Cronulla Sharks rugby team

Cronulla, endearingly called by locals as ‘Nulla, is a beachside suburb in New South Wales. It’s part of the local government of Sutherland Shire in the south of Sydney. 

Once notorious for the 2005 Cronulla riots, its image as a loving and peaceful neighbourhood remained unscathed, as more residents and businesses moved into Cronulla.

That the beachside life isn’t for everyone is a fact, but we’ll try to show you the features of this suburb that can likely change your mind. 

Beaches in Cronulla

Rock pool in Cronulla Beach (Photo: HutheMeow)

Unlike beach towns that only feature one good beach, being in Cronulla gives you access to a host of beaches. There’s Cronulla Beach, North Cronulla Beach, Shelly Beach, and Elouera Beach, just to name a few. 

You’ll also find tide pools if you follow the stretched out path of sand. In these beaches, you can swim, surf, or wakeboard. Alternatively, you can enjoy the sun away from the waters and sunbathe, take a walk, or have a refreshing drink on the side. 

Food in Cronulla

Restaurants in Cronulla are all over the neighbourhood. You’ll find a handful of them along Cronulla Street, Surf Lane and Ocean Grove Avenue. Here are some of the must-trys:

Blackwood Pantry 

Blackwood Pantry (Photo: Facebook)

This restaurant is the brainchild of three Shire locals whose main goal is to create a welcoming atmosphere for everyone. They serve food that avid beachgoers love (avocado toast, anyone?), and have vegetarian and gluten free meals. On top of that, they also serve great coffee, tea, and craft beers.

Green Shiso Japanese Restaurant

Green Shiso Japanese Restaurant (Photo: Facebook)
Green Shiso Japanese Restaurant (Photo: Facebook)

If you’re a Japanese food enthusiast, this is one restaurant you shouldn’t miss. They serve authentic sushi and assorted fresh Japanese food, made from locally sourced ingredients. Their menu is tailored to the characteristics of the beach. 


Henrys Restaurant (Photo: Henrys)
Henrys Restaurant (Photo: Henrys)

A classic Cronulla hangout whose philosophy is to share great food. They serve entrees ranging from Polenta chips to Wagyu beef—with that range, you can only imagine how interesting the rest of their food is. They also have a rich drink menu and desserts.

Shopping in Cronulla

Cronulla Plaza (Photo: sydney.com)
Cronulla Plaza (Photo: sydney.com)

The go-to place for shopping is the Cronulla Plaza. Get a taste of true beach side living by shopping in outdoor boutiques, and hanging out in al fresco cafes. Cronulla Plaza also has live theatre and a cinema for the latest movies. 

For beach-things, you’ll want to check out the Union Store for branded items at great prices. 

There’s also a Woolworths within the neighbourhood for your usual shopping needs, and The Best Little Bookshop in Town to quench your literary thirst. 

The Best Little Bookshop in Town (Photo: bestlittlebookshopintown.com.au)
The Best Little Bookshop in Town (Photo: bestlittlebookshopintown.com.au)

Getting in and out of Cronulla

To get to the city, you can take the T4 train line or the N11 night bus. Within the neighbourhood and Sutherland Shire, you’ll see a lot of shuttle services going around.

And of course, what’s a beach town without a ferry? You can take a ferry to the National Park, and experience a whole new level of fun.

Cronulla & National Park Ferry (Photo: Facebook)

We hope these tidbits of information help build Cronulla’s case as your next home-to-be. With great people around and calming nature, this is the choice standing between you and a stress-free life. 

To find out more about Cronulla and the people that live there, check out our Area Profile of Cronulla.

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