What we love about Chippendale

  • A hotspot for foodies: filled with great restaurants left and right
  • Deemed an “extension of the city”, due to its proximity to key locations and transportation options
  • A suburb with creative depth, seen both in the streets and the people 

If there was such a thing as a hidden treasure in the world of suburbs, Chippendale would be a strong contender. Outlasting its working class history, the suburb has reimagined its destiny and became a pleasant extension of the city centre.

In this guide, we’ll share some of the exciting aspects of Chippendale and why this might be the right suburb for you. 

Arts, Culture, Heritage

If you want to get to know the people of Chippendale, your first order of business is learning about their people’s history and pastimes, both of which can be learned through art. 

White Rabbit Gallery (Photo: Facebook)
White Rabbit Gallery (Photo: Facebook)

To learn about how Chippendale (and its art) progressed through time, you can check out museums like the White Rabbit Gallery, Wellington St. Projects, and Kensington Contemporary. These are only the tip of the iceberg, Chippendale has plenty more. 

Chippendale also has a dedicated non-profit organisation, Chippendale Creative Precinct that stimulates the creative culture in Chippendale. It is thanks to these guys that Chippendale’s art scene is vibrant, and its people creating and longing for more art. 

The Old Clare Hotel (Photo: Kgbo)
The Old Clare Hotel (Photo: Kgbo)

(Fun Fact: The Old Clare Hotel was a heritage site transformed into a boutique hotel that’s become a preferred destination by many.) 

From this alone, you can glean that beyond art, Chippendale has a strong sense of community, one where anyone, including you, can easily fit right in. 

Pubs, Cafes, Restaurants 

Creativity requires a lot of physical and social energy. With that in mind, you’ll have to know the quickest way to grab a bite or a drink. 

Spice Alley (Photo: Facebook)
Spice Alley (Photo: Facebook)

For restaurants, walk along Kensington Street for a range of cuisines best suited to your liking. Definitely check out Spice Alley which will transport you to the outdoor eat streets of Asia. For cafes, while they’re all over the suburb, you’ll find plenty of them along Abercrombie Street. Lastly, for pubs, you’ll want to go to Broadway for hotel bars, restobars, and everything in between. 

The Essentials

You might be thinking: these are all well and good, but how about the basic neighbourhood things? Well, there’s no need to worry. In Chippendale, you’re more than covered. 


Chippendale is a great location for professionals. It’s located just 2-kilometres away from the city, making it highly walkable. It’s also close to the Central Station for your travel needs. 

Dr Chau Chak Wing Building, University of Technology Sydney

It’s also a good fit for students, as Chippendale is almost literally an arm’s length away from key universities like The University of Sydney, University of Technology Sydney, and TAFE NSW


Chippendale has its very own Central Park Mall for shopping, banking, groceries (Woolworths), and dining. It’s also close to Broadway Sydney for the same types of activities, if you’re in need of more options. 

Because it’s very close to the city, you’ll also have access to hospitals and clinics, and other key offices or establishments.

Chippendale Green at Central Park, Sydney (Photo: Kgbo)
Chippendale Green at Central Park, Sydney (Photo: Kgbo)

Chippendale is less than one square-kilometre in size, making it seem like it’s just another common part of the city. Except, it’s not. It’s an artistic world of its own, providing you an experience that’ll far exceed your expectations.

Now, it’s time for you to see it for yourself. You can start by checking out our Area Profile of Chippendale which provides a lot more facts and numbers about the neighbourhood.

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