What we love about Chatswood

  • Access to some of the biggest offices in Australia for professionals
  • Great shopping centres and restaurants 
  • Ease of getting around
Looking south over Chatswood, to St Leonards and Sydney City in the distance
Looking south over Chatswood, to St Leonards and Sydney City in the distance (Photo by: Mark Merton)

Who says there can only be one central business district? Over the years, Chatswood has become a new hub of businesses and commercialisation, bringing industries and opportunities to the Lower North Shore.

Whether you’re a young professional looking for a place to both work and live, or someone who’s worked for a long time but wants a change of scenery, Chatswood may be a strong option for your new abode. 

In this guide, we’ll show you what else may be in store for you when you decide to move into this busy neighbourhood.

Shopping in Chatswood

Westfield Chatswood
Westfield Chatswood (Photo by: Sardaka)

As this is a commercial district, it should come with no surprise that you’ll find it fairly easy to shop around here. With Chatswood Chase Sydney and Westfield Chatswood, the two premium shopping malls in the area right around the corner, your thirst for a whole new retail experience will definitely be quenched. 

Right in those malls reside all major fashion brands and stores of all sorts (sporting goods, homeware, you name it). There are also Coles and ALDI supermarkets in those malls for your grocery needs. They are literally one-stop shops and you wouldn’t dream of shopping anywhere else. 

Food in Chatswood

The North Shore is heavily influenced by Asian culture. That said, you have a great deal of options when it comes to Asian cuisine in this neighbourhood. 

Khao Pla Thai Restaurant, Chatswood (Photo by: Khao Pla)

Fancy Thai food? How about Japanese or Chinese? Not to worry—you’ll have all of them (and more) here. You can find these restaurants along Victoria Avenue and Chatswood Interchange

If you want to try different types of food at once (in small amounts, of course), you might want to try going to the Chatswood Mall Market for its great food stalls on Thursdays and Fridays.

Nightlife in Chatswood

Given that the neighbourhood is filled with professionals, having nighttime drinks is nice from time to time. Places like Chatswood Monkey Bar and 465 The Avenue are tailored to hit just the right spots for your after hours hangouts with colleagues and friends. 

The Orchard Hotel
The Orchard Hotel (Photo by: The Orchard Hotel)

Chatswood’s hotels like The Orchard and Chelsea Hotel also make for great places to drink and dine.

Other activities in Chatswood

The Concourse Concert Hall (Photo by: Andrew Chung)

After a long workweek, you deserve to reward yourself with a seat at The Concourse to watch opera or ballet. The Concourse is one of the best cultural places in Sydney, so you’re sure to always find something interesting to watch or do, including taking a trip to the Chatswood Library.

You may also opt to take a historical journey at the Willoughby Museum, where you can learn more about things from the past like industries, people, and ethnic influences.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer to wind down on your rest days, the Chatswood Park is always right there for you.

Chatswood Park (Photo by: Sardaka)

Chatswood is made for people looking for their new busy street. It’s a fresh yet familiar scene that newcomers will find easy to be a part of. 

To get a closer, more detailed look into Chatswood, be sure to check out our Area Profile of Chatswood. It contains details on recently sold properties, current listings (sales and rent), amenities, transport options, demographics and a lot more.

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