What we love about Castle Hill

  • A perfect place to raise a family—with schools, daycare centres, and an overall safe community
  • A suburb that can stand on its own, packed with establishments for necessities and leisure

Living in a grand mansion is a distant dream for most of us. But what if we told you that there was a place that can make you feel equally royal? That’s Castle Hill for you—a suburb with a rich history, where beautiful architecture and friendly faces become part of your everyday.

If you’re looking for a new neighbourhood to move into, this guide will show you why Castle Hill might just be the place. 

Transportation in Castle Hill

Castle Hill Metro Station (Photo: Mattsinc9)
Castle Hill Metro Station (Photo: Mattsinc9)

In April of 2019, the new Castle Hill metro station was built. If you’re looking into this neighbourhood just now, you’re doing so at the right time. Prior to this, the main means of transportation in this neighbourhood was express city buses. Now, you have the option to ride express trains that can give you access to virtually anywhere. 

Shopping at Castle Hill

Castle Towers Shopping Center (Photo: Facebook)
Castle Towers Shopping Center (Photo: Facebook)

We recognise that convenience isn’t just about transportation. It’s also about having your necessities within reach. That said, we’d like to point you to Castle Towers Shopping Centre, a place where you can shop for all your household needs, personal items, and more. 

Castle Towers has fresh food stores, and a newly upgraded Coles Supermarket. Aside from shopping, you can also watch movies, attend events, and have a good meal in this all-in-one paradise of a mall. 

Schools in Castle Hill

More than half of Castle Hill’s population is composed of families with children, and it’s easy to see why. It’s easy to find a good school in this neighbourhood, regardless if you’re looking for public or private education.

You have Castle Hill Public School, Oakhill Drive Public School, and Excelsior Public School, to name a few.

 For more information about public schools and their catchment zones, you can check out our Schools resource.

Fun activities in Castle Hill

So far, we’ve talked about all the good stuff. “But where are the fun stuff?” you might ask. 

Not to worry: there’s plenty to do around the area. 

With the kids

For starters, you might want to spend a weekend in the Museums Discovery Centre to see exhibits of historic artifacts, less the boring stuff. You’ll have the opportunity to see historic cars and trains, as well as other collections. There are also events and workshops that both kids and adults might love.

Museums Discovery Centre (Photo: maas.museum)
Museums Discovery Centre (Photo: maas.museum)

If you want to get moving yet have fun at the same time, you’ll want to try Flip Out, and indoor trampoline park where you can jump as much as your heart desires. It’s a great venue for kids’ birthday parties too (shoutout to parents looking for ideas).

Just adults

After a long day at work or with the kids, it’s a good idea to hang out at Castle Hill Tavern or Hillside Hotel for some drinks, live music, and delicious food. 

Castle Hill Tavern (Photo: Castle Hill Tavern)
Castle Hill Tavern (Photo: Castle Hill Tavern)
Hillside Hotel (Photo: Momento Hospitality)
Hillside Hotel (Photo: Momento Hospitality)

There are a couple more bars in Castle Towers you might also want to check out for maximum enjoyment. 

We hope this guide gave you a sample of what life is like at Castle Hill—a no nonsense neighbourhood packed with the good, convenient, and fun. If you want to find out more in-depth information on the neighbourhood, do check out our Area Profile of Castle Hill.

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