What we love about Bondi Junction

  • Proximity to the beach
  • All-out shopping experience at the biggest shopping centres 
  • Parks and playgrounds for relaxing when things get too busy in the area

Ever wanted to live in a place where it can feel like a holiday all-year round? If that’s ever been your dream, Bondi Junction might just be the neighbourhood for you. 

Bondi Junction is situated a few minutes away from the city, but also a few minutes from the world famous Bondi Beach, giving you the best of both worlds. It’s a suburb perfect for singles and young professionals because of the busy and highly commercialised nature of the area. 

In this guide, we’ll tell you some of the suburb’s greatest assets so you can see for yourself if what it offers match what you’re looking for in a new home.

Accessibility of Bondi Junction

Bondi Junction serves as a gateway to other eastern suburbs because of the size of Bondi Junction Station, and the range of other suburbs you can access from there. You’ll have the option to use trains or buses.

As for the neighbourhood itself, you’ll find that it’s very convenient to walk around and get to where you need to be. Not to forget, you’re also minutes from Bondi Beach.

Shopping at Bondi Junction

Westfield Bondi Junction (Photo by: Charlie Brewer)
Westfield Bondi Junction (Photo by: Charlie Brewer)

Bondi Junction is home to many businesses, large and small-scale alike. Westfield is one of the biggest shopping centres in Sydney, and has just about everything you might need—from designer brands, home and tech needs, and groceries. 

There’s also Spotlight for home needs and crafts, Riot for more crafts, and the ever reliable Woolworths and Kmart within the neighbourhood. 

The neighbourhood is also near Gould Street at Bondi Beach, a popular shopping destination for fashion finds and local businesses. 

Long story short: your needs are well-taken care of when you live here.

Food and drinks at Bondi Junction

With its large commercial centres and high traffic, it should go without saying that Bondi Junction also has a plethora of restaurants and bars, most of which you can find along Oxford Street. 

Oxford Street Mall, Bondi Junction
Oxford Street Mall, Bondi Junction (Photo by: Sardaka)

Along Oxford Street, you’ll find a variety of international cuisines served at the finest restaurants—there’s something for you no matter your craving or price limit. 

If you don’t want to go far, Westfield Shopping Centre already has a great deal of restaurants that you can choose from.

Recreation at Bondi Junction

As we mentioned, Bondi Junction is close to Bondi Beach, where swimming and surfing never go old regardless of the season. 

But if you’re looking for simple recreation within reach, the neighbourhood is also surrounded by a number of parks like Clementson Park, Waverly Park, and St. James Reserve. There’s also Bondi Skate Park for hobbyists a few minutes away in Bondi.

For movies and other shows, you’ll never run out of things to watch at Event Cinemas.

Bondi Beach (Photo by: Adam.J.W.C.)

With these in mind, you’ll find that Bondi Junction is a one-stop shop for everything. It covers all its bases when it comes to establishments, and as a perk, you can relax and go on mini-holidays whenever you like without having to go very far.

To find out more about Bondi Junction such as Properties in the neighbourhood, Demographics, Schools Nearby, and other local Amenities, you can check out our check out our Area Profile of Bondi Junction.

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