What we love about Bella Vista

  • Premium living at its finest—well-maintained surroundings, safe environment, and high standard architecture
  • Close proximity to big offices, schools, and key institutions 

‘Bella Vista’ is a Spanish term that translates to ‘“beautiful view.” If you’re one to take things literally, this is one of those rare moments in which you won’t be disappointed by what you’ll see. 

This suburb is one that lived an agricultural past, and has now transformed into a residential and commercial hotspot. Anyone looking to buy a property here is headed toward the right direction. 

At first glance, it looks like your average postcard-type village. Houses with fine architecture, clean streets, plenty of lush green trees. 

But more than an eye-catching view, is a solid community that has a Food Truck Festival, a long history survived by a farm park, and generally, people who look out for one another. 

In this guide, we’ll pinpoint specifics regarding life in this suburb. By the end, we only hope you see what we see: a suburb filled with great promise. 

Norwest Business Park

Norwest Business Park (Photo: VOS Group)
Norwest Business Park (Photo: VOS Group)

More than its community, another key selling point of the suburb is the Norwest Business Park. It covers 377 hectares of land, shared between Bella Vista and Norwest. 

That land area is just about the size of the Sydney CBD, and houses multinational companies such as Cathay Pacific, Woolworths Limited Head Office, and Reserve Bank of Australia. 

In addition, it also has Norwest Marketown, which has Coles and practically all the stores you might need. 

Service facilities like gasoline stations, gyms, banks, and clinics are also within the business park’s perimeter. These are places that definitely have to be within your reach. 

Sydney Ice Arena (Photo: Facebook)
Sydney Ice Arena (Photo: Facebook)

Oh, but have we mentioned that it’s right next door to Australia’s largest ice skating rink? On top of the essentials, Bella Vista is also close to things you never thought you needed. 

What does this mean for you?

Being close to a huge commercial and business centre could mean so many things for a homeseeker like you. 

Firstly, you wouldn’t need to worry about switching jobs. Bella Vista is roughly 30 kilometres away from the city. If you want to be as close to home as possible (especially those with children), you’re sure to find an opportunity in one of the big buildings in this complex. 

Secondly, you have your needs covered. You have a big shopping centre with practically everything, services left and right, and supermarkets all in one place.

Finally, there are guaranteed ways to have fun. 


When you live here, you’re next door to the M2 Motorway. Those with vehicles will find that it’s convenient to go in and out of the suburb. Moreover, there are two train stations nearby: Bella Vista station and Norwest station

Bella Vista Metro Station (Photo: Photnart)
Bella Vista Metro Station (Photo: Photnart)

Many bus lines also service the area. Your only problem now is which mode of transportation to choose, and trust us: it’s a good problem to have. 


Choosing to live in Bella Vista may be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. Behind the facade of simplicity is a great future: one that most can only wish to be a part of. 

If you’d like to find out more about Bella Vista, check out our Area Profile of Bella Vista, which details what the Demographics are like in the area, Amenities, Transport Options, Recent Property Sales, Current Property Listings and a lot more.

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