What we love about Balmain

  • A suburb with beautiful architecture
  • Village type and family-friendly
  • Many options for rest and relaxation
Terrace shophouses – Darling St, Balmain NSW (Photo: Alpha)

One of the oldest suburbs in Sydney, Balmain maintains its quaint charm until today. Through the architecture of its buildings and houses, one would clearly feel the history that this suburb has shared with millions of people that have come and gone before.

If you can believe it, such a beautiful place is conveniently located just a few kilometres away from the city. To come home to this suburb everyday is to travel from the present to the past; in a good way, of course. 

In this guide, let’s take a look at some more of the selling points of Balmain. 

Transportation in Balmain

Balmain East Ferry Wharf (Photo: BL2002)
Balmain East Ferry Wharf (Photo: BL2002)

Balmain is located on a peninsula around Sydney Harbour. That means seeing a lot of boats—and riding them. At times. Or whenever you please. Riding a ferry is one way you can travel to the CBD for work. Studies have shown that the novelty is still there for long time residents.

If you’re not a fan of travelling in waters, there are always buses, trams, and taxis around. 

Schools in Balmain

Balmain is a village-type suburb, indicating that it’s safe and indeed family-friendly. Young families won’t have any trouble finding good schools in the area. There are public schools like Balmain Public School, Rozelle Public School and Birchgrove Public School.

There are also private schools like the Inner Sydney Montessori School and Fr John Therry Catholic Primary School

For an expansive list, we have this school search tool on our website.

Cafes and Restaurants in Balmain

Alfresco dining is a big thing in Balmain. When you come here to scout for your next address, you’ll understand why. Most of these cafes and restaurants are located along Darling Street.

A few recommendations:


  • Contessa – for pastries, Italian food, and amazing coffee
  • Casual Mondays – for all-day breakfast and brunches with friends
  • Bertoni – self-proclaimed “best cafe in Sydney.” We value modesty. But with their coffee and breakfast eggs, we really couldn’t argue. 
Contessa (Photo: Facebook)
Contessa (Photo: Facebook)
Bertoni (Photo: Facebook)
Bertoni (Photo: Facebook)


  • Sofie’s Greek Restaurant – for spectacular lamb skewers and chicken souvlaki 
  • The Riverview Hotel – when you’re feeling fancy, or simply want to relax on a rooftop while drinking craft beer
  • Little Ethel’s – for hearty meals and delicious homemade cakes 
The Riverview Hotel (Photo: Facebook)
The Riverview Hotel (Photo: Facebook)

There are more spectacular restaurants along the streets of Balmain. All of them are suited for dining with family, hanging out with coworkers and friends, or even just spending time alone. 

Winding down in Balmain

Granted, the neighbourhood in and of itself is laid-back. But surely, some forms of relaxation are more interesting than others.

Start with parks—more than empty grass fields and benches, Elkington Park offers a fantastic view of White Horse Point. There’s also a large play area for dogs and picnic spots. You can also swing by Gladstone Park and Ewenton Park for nice morning or afternoon walks.

Then, get cultured. Pay Hill of Content a visit for a variety of books covering myriads of genres. There’s also the Balmain Library if you want to spend time with your books in silence. 

For relaxation matched with a little bit of indulgence, you wouldn’t want to miss the Balmain Market every second Saturday of the month for crafts, food, and other goods made by locals in the community. 

Balmain Market (Photo: Balmain Market)
Balmain Market (Photo: Balmain Market)

Balmain is certainly one of a kind. If you think living in a suburb that’s historic and peaceful yet complete with the essentials doesn’t happen everyday, think again. It’s now in your hands to make that a reality. 

If you’d like to find out more about Balmain, check out our Area Profile of Balmain that covers the Properties, Listings, Demographics, Transport Options and much more.

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