What we love about Ashfield

  • Easily accessible public transport
  • Multicultural community
  • Beautiful architecture and key landmarks

If there exists a list of places with the perfect mix of historical heritage and cultural diversity, it is a list where Ashfield truly belongs. To this day, people who visit Ashfield will take notice of its rich European history dating back to the 1800s. This history is made apparent by the grand Victorian architecture seen within the neighbourhood. 

Moreover, it has evolved from its European history and has become an even more culturally diverse place. Crediting the influence of 14.7% of its population who were born in China (2016 Census), Ashfield has become the Chinatown of the inner-west.

Beyond its people and history, there are more benefits of living in Ashfield.

Family Life in Ashfield

There are many families with kids living in Ashfield. This is because of its convenient location (8-kms away from CBD) and its friendly and peaceful community. 

There are also schools within Ashfield, such as Ashfield Public School, a coeducational primary school, and De La Salle College, a Catholic all-boys school. The presence of these schools (and more) gives parents an easier time to decide on Ashfield as their homebase. 

Ashfield is also surrounded by many neighbourhoods in the inner-west with good schools. To help your research, you can use our School Catchment Areas tool

Transportation in Ashfield

If you’re thinking twice about relocating because of your job, this might put your mind at ease.  Ashfield has many modes of public transportation like buses, trains, and taxis. The Ashfield Station is your one-stop shop when you need to get to places. 

Ashfield Station (Photo: Gareth Edwards)

One other alternative you can explore is biking. Ashfield is a bike-friendly neighbourhood—not only will you get to places faster; you’ll also hit your daily cardio exercise requirement!

Parks in Ashfield

While Ashfield occupies only a small area, it’s filled with activities and destinations. 

Ashfield Park (Photo: Gonzo Gooner)

For your afternoon walks and quiet moments, you’ll want to visit Ashfield Park for dogspotting (or playing with your own dogs) or picnics. Another notable park in Ashfield is Allman Park, a peaceful park that is known for its accessibility to visually-impaired people.

If you prefer your afternoons to be more active, you’ll want to check out Pratten Park, i.e., where the action happens. It’s a sporting complex where you can play and watch a variety of sports. It also has playgrounds for the kids. 

Food in Ashfield

As mentioned, Ashfield is the Chinatown of the inner-west. As such, you can expect top-notch Chinese restaurants in the area, like New Shanghai and Taste of Shanghai.

New Shanghai (Photo: Facebook)

There are also noodle houses and a bunch of other restaurants (Japanese, Vietnamese, BBQ, seafood) along Liverpool Road, where you’re sure to find whatever it is that you might be craving for.

Shops in Ashfield

Ashfield has its very own Ashfield Mall, with all sorts of stores and services you might need. It has your ever-reliable Kmart, Woolworths, Coles, and ALDI all in one building. 

Ashfield Mall (Photo: Facebook)

Ashfield also has a Bunnings Warehouse for your home improvement needs. (Fun fact: its building used to be a biscuit factory!) 

Bunnings Warehouse Ashfield (Photo: Toby Hudson)

Living in Ashfield is an experience. It’s a hotspot not only for convenient living, but also for a perfect balance of history, culture, and diversity. 

To find out more about Ashfield and what makes it tick, including in-depth demographics, schools in the area, recent properties that sold, for sale and for rent, check out our Area Profile of Ashfield.

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