What we love about Annandale

  • Charming, village-type suburb with a strong community
  • Rich European history still visible in infrastructure and culture
  • Quick access to the city and nearby suburbs 

Five kilometres away from the city is a small suburb that feels like a completely different world—somewhere that’s quiet, safe, and where people take their time to turn their heads to say hello. That’s Annandale. 

A suburb rich in European history, Annandale has retained the charm of what its first leaders started. We’re talking about fine architecture, establishments like cafes and restaurants that give off the same rustic vibe, and the overall structure of the suburb. 

Of course, there’s more to Annandale than its past, and that’s exactly what we’ll be talking about in this guide.

Accessibility of Annandale

Parramatta Rd in Annandale (Photo: Bidgee)
Parramatta Rd in Annandale (Photo: Bidgee)

Annandale has a host of bus transport options to the city and other suburbs. The 470 line, which you can catch on Booth Street will take you to the CBD. For other destinations, you’ll find a number of bus lines along Parramatta Road

You can also take the L1 tram to get to the city. Otherwise, it’s an hour-long walk; a fun challenge that you might want to try from time to time. 

Given that the neighbourhood is close to the CBD, it’s also become a good choice for students studying at the University of Sydney

Restaurants and Cafes in Annandale

The neighbourhood is filled with local restaurants and cafes; a true marker of Annandale’s authenticity. They’re mostly located along Booth Street and Annandale Street

Black Toast Cafe (Photo: blacktoast.com.au)
Black Toast Cafe (Photo: blacktoast.com.au)

You’ll find cafes with unique stories and themes, one of them converted from a factory (Black Toast Cafe), most of them inspired by art. Aside from serving delicious coffee, these cafes also have healthy breakfast options and pastries. 

There are plenty of restaurants as well, ranging from Italian to Indian, and of course timeless Australian food. 

Community Events in Annandale

As mentioned, Annandale is big on community. One key event is the annual Footprints Ecofestival, which celebrates sustainable living in a fun way. It has talks and workshops for adults to take part in, and skateboarding and games for the kids. It also has market stalls and food for everyone.

Footprints Ecofestival (Photo: Inner West Council)
Footprints Ecofestival (Photo: Inner West Council)

The Annandale Community Centre has regular activities like dance and music classes, support groups, painting classes, and even improv. There’s a full list in the Inner West Council’s website.

Parks in Annandale

The village life won’t be complete without its peaceful, dog-friendly parks, and Annandale has a lot of them. There are reserves like Badu Reserve and Canal Reserve where you can appreciate nature. 

Glebe Foreshore Park (Photo: JMD Design)

There are also parks with playgrounds like the Whites Creek Valley Park and Glebe Foreshore Park where you can also hold BBQ sessions. 

Shops in Annandale

While there may not be big brand shopping centres in Annandale, you still have options for food and necessities like Supabarn and Friendly Grocer. You’ll find stores along Booth Street and Johnston Street. Otherwise, you can cross over to Norton Plaza at Leichhardt

Supabarn Annandale (Photo: Oxford Commercial)

These days, it’s hard to strike a balance between work and a peaceful home life. Annandale has changed that game. It shows you that it’s possible to lead a simple life without the noise despite being right next to the city. 

To find out more about Annandale and what it means to live in the neighbourhood, check out our Area Profile of Annandale where we cover the Demographics of the area, Recent Property Sales and current Listings, Transport Options, School Catchment Areas and much more.

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