Best Student Suburbs in Brisbane

With Brisbane being well-known as a city that provides its dwellers with an extremely balanced lifestyle, it comes to no surprise that this sub-tropical city is home to more than 100,000 students. Not only is Brisbane packed with some of Australia’s most prestigious universities, but the cost of living is also much lower compared to other cities such as Sydney and Melbourne.

For both domestic and international students who choose to study their tertiary education here, deciding which suburb to live in is highly dependent on which university you plan on attending.

Using Liveable, we found the best suburbs for students to settle into, depending on where you plan to study:

Students going to the University of Queensland:

St Lucia 
might be the suburb for you. A mere 15 minutes ride on public transport will get you to your classes in no time at all. This makes it a popular suburb for a huge number of university students— perfect if you’re looking to effortlessly integrate into the University’s social scene. Rent is also extremely affordable in this area, with shared housing starting at $197/week. 
Rental Availability: High

Students going to Griffith University:

is a favourable option for Griffith University students. This suburb does not only offer great value for money, with the average price of a one bedroom apartment going for $200/week, but it is also an extremely convenient location to live in! It is central to all amenities— shopping malls, restaurants, grocery stores and even a hospital; you name it, they’ve got it.
Rental Availability: Medium

Students going to James Cook University:

Fortitude Valley 
is located 12 minutes away from James Cook University. Although housing here is a little pricier than the aforementioned neighbourhoods, setting you back approximately $235/week for shared housing, living here is well worth it. Dubbed as the suburb that never sleeps, this entertainment precinct is best known for its wild nightlife. From trendy nightclubs to rooftop bars, you’ll be sure to have a fantastic experience living here.
Rental Availability: High

Best Student Suburbs in Brisbane

Melbourne vs. Sydney

Its the age old debate… Melbourne or Sydney?

For those of you considering moving to either of these cities, its always a good idea to weigh the pros and cons of each location.

Sydney is Australia’s biggest city, known best for its good weather and lengthy summers. Despite being a metropolitan city, you’ll never be far from nature; its surrounded by numerous national parks and a plethora of beaches.

On the other hand, Melbourne is Australia’s sweetheart. With an outstanding café culture, balanced perfectly with a thriving art scene, its easy to see why this laid-back city is regularly ranked amongst the most liveable cities in the world.

Despite all the different factors that come into play when making a decision, the cost of living would definitely be one of the indisputable deciding factors. With data gathered from Numbeo, we made a nifty little infographic to provide a quick overview.


Further results were generated using Payscale

Melbourne vs. Sydney

Best Neighbourhoods to Live Outside Central London


Looking for a place to reside in London? Don’t limit your options to central London; be adventurous. After all, not only are London’s outer suburbs more affordable in terms of accommodation, they are also alive and buzzing with lots of creative energy and up and coming hotspots.

With each suburb encompassing its own charm and unique personality, we used Liveable to churn out the 5 best neighbourhoods to live outside central London based on its liveability— its attractions nearby, convenience and safety.

Here are the results:

  1. Clerkenwell

    Also known as London’s ‘Little Italy’, this quaint suburb is home to more than 2000 Italian settlers. This means that without a doubt, you’d be able to get your pick of a few of the best Italian restaurants in London.

    Furthermore, there are multiple art galleries and museums in the area to keep you occupied on the weekends!

    – 1 bedroom rent: £450/week
    – Closest Transit Stop(s): Farringdon, Angel Station, Chancery Lane Station, Barbican Station

  2. Hoxton West

    Hoxton is a hip and happening suburb, jam-packed with lots of culture and art. From art galleries to live music venues, there is always something exciting happening in the area. This makes a popular suburb for many young professionals who enjoy being involved in the arts scene in London.

    Hoxton is also a quick 10 minute tube ride to the heart of London.

    – 1 bedroom rent: £475/week
    – Closest Transit Stop(s): Old Street

  3. Weavers

    Located just outside the ultra trendy Hoxton area, Weavers is the perfect neighbourhood for those who enjoy the hustle and bustle at an arm’s length; and much prefer coming home to a quieter neighbourhood at the end of a long day.

    With lots of influence from South East Asian community, Weavers is certain to be a vibrant melting pot of cultures.

    – 1 bedroom rent: £326/week
    – Closest Transit Stop(s): Bethnal Green, Shoreditch High Street

  4. Canonbury

    This residential district, located in the North of London, is well known for their regency architecture; but don’t let the early-Victorian vibe of this neighbourhood fool you. With heaps of bars in the area that create a cozy and fun atmosphere, this neighbourhood is anything but a snooze town.

    It also conveniently has a high number of supermarkets in the area.

    – 1 bedroom rent: £375/week
    – Closest Transit Stop(s): Essex Road, Highbury & Islington

  5. Cathedrals

    Unlike the aforementioned neighbourhoods that attract a younger crowd due to its trendy attractions, this area is quite the opposite. As a popular spot for people to settle down in, the suburb is predominantly made up of a middle-aged demographic.

    This is because with its ideal location and good transport links, the best thing about this neighbourhood is how convenient it is.

    It also boasts a large number of major supermarkets in the area, as well as multiple restaurants and cafes for you to nip out for a bite if you fancy.

    – 1 bedroom rent: £365/week
    – Closest Transit Stop(s): Southwark Station, Borough Station, London Waterloo East, Elephant & Castle Station, Waterloo Station, London Bridge Station

Best Neighbourhoods to Live Outside Central London

Beachside Living Benefits


Everyone has a personal preference when it comes to where they want to live. While some may be attracted to the city lights like moths to a flame, others may prefer the serenity that comes with waking up to the sound of the ocean crashing on the shore.

Living by the ocean doesn’t only help one calm down and relax, but it also has a positive impact on your physical health in the long run. In fact, a study conducted by the University of Exeter proved that people who live close to the ocean are healthier than those who live inland. This could be due to various factors, such as the fact that living by the beach encourages physical activity and also, you’ll never fall short on vitamin D.

If you’re lucky enough to be living in Sydney, then you have the luxury of having multiple beachside suburbs to choose to reside in. Using Liveable, we’ve found 5 beachside suburbs that would suit you, no matter what your lifestyle may be.

  1. Point Piper

    For those torn between their love for the city and the seaside, Point Piper is a good in between. A short 25 minute bus ride to the city, this small harbourside suburb will be sure to suit your fancy.

    Its worth noting, however, that this location comes at a price. Historically regarded as Australia’s most affluent suburb, a 1 bedroom apartment would set you back $550/week.

  2. Tamarama

    Tamarama sits nestled between the Bondi and Coogee coastal walk. Although it only has a modest 80 metre shoreline for you to enjoy, don’t fret. In this suburb, there are plenty of restaurants, cafes and bars to keep you occupied.

  3. Brighton-Le-Sands

    Not keen on spending an arm and a leg to live by the ocean? Brighton-Le-Sands is a suburb on the western shore of Botany Bay. Due to it not being one of the more popular beaches, the sand is extremely white and the water, crystal clear.

    Here, you’d be able to get a shared house for a cool $228/week.

  4. Fairlight

    Located on Manly’s harbour side, this suburb is home to one of Sydney’s most loved beaches. Supermarkets and general stores are easily found in the area, making it ideal to pick up some groceries to pack for a picnic on the beach.

  5. Balgowlah Heights

    This suburb, located in northern Sydney, ranks incredibly high in terms of safety. Its also not uncommon for houses here to have amazing panoramic views that overlook the harbour.

Beachside Living Benefits

Affordable Areas in London


London has long been notorious for being the one of the priciest cities in the world to live in. Ranked 11th in terms of rental affordability, the monthly rental needed for a single person to comfortably live in London amounts to approximately £963.69.

This sum may seem like a small fortune, especially for a young working professional. But does it always have to be this expensive? After all, London is a huge city filled with endless possibilities.

Using Liveable, we’re here to help you narrow down your search and send you on your way to find the perfect home. With the price being the primary determining factor, followed by safety and convenience as less important considerations, here are our results:

  1. Kentish Town

    – £190/week for a 1 Bedroom
    – 18 minutes to central London
    – Medium levels of crime in the area

    Rent Availability: Medium
    Closest Transit Stop(s): Kentish Town, Tufnell Park

  2. Stroud Green

    £208/week for a 1 Bedroom
    – Fair amount of supermarkets nearby
    – Low crime

    Rent Availability: Medium
    Closest Transit Stop(s): Harringay

  3. Haverstock

    £205/week for a 1 Bedroom
    – Fair amount of supermarkets in the area
    – Medium level of crime

    Rent Availability: Medium
    Closest Transit Stop(s): Chalkfarm Station, Belsize Park Station, Kentish Town

  4. Cathedrals

    £365/week for a 1 Bedroom
    – 16 minutes to central London
    – High number of supermarkets in the area

    Rent Availability: High
    Closest Transit Stop(s): Southwark Station, Borough Station, London Waterloo East, Elephant & Castle Station, Waterloo Station, London Bridge Station

  5. Holloway

    £265/week for a 1 Bedroom
    – 14 minutes to central London
    – Medium level of crime

    Rent Availability: High
    Closest Transit Stop(s): Caledonian Road Station, Holloway Road, Drayton Park


Affordable Areas in London

Top 3 suburbs for Students in Melbourne

Starting your life in a new country is a big deal for anyone, but can be an especially daunting task if you’re a student moving away from home for the first time. While the prospect of meeting new people and exploring a foreign country is exciting, it is also important to remember that finding a decent place to live abroad can be difficult— But it doesn’t have to be.

As a student, it is important to consider certain priorities when looking for accommodation: how close it is to the location of your main campus, whether or not the suburb is safe and of course, the price tag of the place.

We took these three factors into consideration and used Liveable to quickly churn out results tailored specifically to your needs. Setting the commute, affordability and safety of the search to ‘Very Important’, here are our results:

  1. Carlton
    – $208/week for a shared house
    – $335/week for a 1 Bedroom
  1. Melbourne CBD
    – $205/week for a shared house
    – $385/week for a 1 Bedroom
  1. Docklands
    – $299/week for a shared house
    – $430/week for a 1 Bedroom

Besides fitting all our aforementioned requirements, these suburbs also have high accessibility to numerous cafes and restaurants that will definitely get you excited about Melbourne’s famous brunch culture. On a student budget? No problem. Liveable results show that there are also various grocery stores in the vicinity so you’d be able to whip up a scrumptious meal with no effort at all.

With all this information at your fingertips, deciding where to live doesn’t seem so unnerving anymore, does it?

Top 3 suburbs for Students in Melbourne

Moving to Sydney

You’ve decided to take the plunge and move to Sydney, congrats! Judging from how Sydney has routinely ranked amongst the world’s most liveable cities, you couldn’t have made a better choice. With how much this beautiful city has to offer, it may be a bit of an effort to narrow down where you want to reside. After all, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to finding your perfect home— having a street full of bars at your doorstep may seem like heaven to one person but hell to another; the liveability of a suburb hinges greatly on what your interests are and what you want to get out of your new life.

So lets break it down:

1. Students

When looking for accommodation as a student, a couple of factors come into play. Of course you want to be near your university, but you also want to be able to duck out after a long day of assignments to grab a beer with your mates. If this sounds like you, Newtown might be your calling.

A mere 10-minute bus ride to the University of Sydney and UTS, you’d have no problems getting to your classes on time. The streets are also lined with restaurants, many of which offer student discounts on meals, and a range of bars that offer anything from $10 jugs or fancy cocktails for a night out.

2. Young, working professionals

You’re young, carefree and excited to see what the world has in store for you. Living in the heart of Sydney will provide you with the luxury of experiencing this lively city in full swing.

Albeit the heftier price tag, it’s a quick 7 minute commute into the CBD, so you won’t have to worry too much about peak hour traffic. Its also a great area to spend your weekends wandering around— we promise that you’ll be spoilt for choice in terms of food, entertainment and shopping.

3. Beach Junkies

Maybe you were drawn to Sydney because of its glorious weather and plethora of beaches. If that’s the case, you might want to look into finding accommodation at Cronulla. As one of Sydney’s most-loved beachside suburbs, it often draws a large crowd of surfers looking to catch some waves. The outdoor café scene is also booming and offers you a great panoramic view of the seaside.

Oh, and did we mention that accommodation wouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket too? The average rent for shared housing in the area is $242 per week.

4. Families

Sydney is a lovely place to settle down and raise a family. When thinking about settling down here, it is important to ensure that the suburb is safe and convenient. Cremorne fits these criteria perfectly.

Located 22 minutes away from Sydney’s CBD, this suburb is far away enough to avoid the hustle and bustle of the city. However, everything from restaurants to supermarkets can easily be found in the area. This family-friendly suburb not only has one of the lowest crime rates in Sydney, but it also has fantastic playgrounds and parks for the little ones to stretch their legs.

All results generated using Liveable

Moving to Sydney

The 25 best and worst performing areas in Australia over the past 20 years

The 25 best and worst performing areas in Australia over the past 20 years published by CoreLogic. It is clear that VIC and NSW have been stand-outs – which isn’t much of a surprise!…/top-25-best-n-worst-pe…/5

The 25 best and worst performing areas in Australia over the past 20 years

Top neighbourhoods in London on an average salary

Where are the top neighbourhoods to live for someone on an average salary in London?

We delved into what the average salary is (£34,565) and the average % of salary that goes into rent (72%) – yes, it is that high (and ridiculous, if you ask us) !

We then took those numbers, plugged them into Liveable taking into account a couple of assumptions:

  • Affordability is Very Important with a maximum rent of £500, looking at shared accommodation and 1 bedroom places.
  • Commute is Very Important and we are commuting to Bank with a time no more than 30 mins.
  • Going Out, Convenience and Safety are all Important to us.

The top 10 neighbourhoods were (with median 1 bedroom rent per week):

  1. St Dunstan’s (£190/wk)
  2. King’s Cross (£294/wk)
  3. Spitalfields & Banglatown (£325/wk)
  4. Bunhill (£515/wk)
  5. Haverstock (£180/wk)
  6. St Peter’s (£283/wk)
  7. Prince’s (£185/wk)
  8. Weavers (£340/wk)
  9. Holborn and Covent Garden (£505/wk)
  10. Barnsbury (£387/wk)

The good news is in the top 3 neighbourhoods, median weekly rents are well below 72% of the average salary earned in London, which means that they are still some “bargains” to be had.

The full results including property listings are available at

Feel free to change the preferences accordingly to best fit your needs.

Top neighbourhoods in London on an average salary

Top neighbourhoods in London on an average salary