Best London Neighbourhoods for Families with Young Children

jelleke-vanooteghem-336956.jpgWhen you’re about to raise a family, the priorities of what you’re searching for in a neighbourhood changes drastically. Instead of looking for areas with the best pubs, you’re now looking for areas with the best parks. Safety suddenly becomes your number one concern; and you’re taking into consideration whether or not an area is close to supermarkets and convenience stores.

Here at Liveable, we’ve saved you the trouble of having to search up the best neighbourhoods that fit the aforementioned criteria. Taking into consideration the necessities, we’ve put together a list of neighbourhoods that you can consider starting a family at with a peace of mind.


Barnsbury’s steep price comes with good reason. This fashionable neighbourhood is home to the best selections of restaurants and independent shops. Despite not having many parks in the area, the neighbourhood makes the most of its public squares, and areas like the Islington Green serve as a popular gathering spot for families to take a breezy stroll on the weekends.

As every parent to a newborn child knows, these little ones are particularly susceptible to waking up in the middle of the night to even the quietest of sounds. Hence, it’ll come to much relief of parents to know that Bransbury has earned the title of being the capital’s most tranquil road.

2 Bedroom: £873/ week
3 bedroom: £950/ week
Rental Availability: Low

Clapham Common

Clapham Commons is a peaceful location amidst the hustle and bustle of London’s South West. With two playgrounds and a skatepark in the vicinity, there will be plenty of recreational facilities for your youngins to stretch their legs.

Further, Clapham Common is located near the very trendy Brixton, so you won’t be short of places to go for those special nights out, while the kids sit at home with the babysitter.

2 Bedroom: £510/ week
3 bedroom: £560/ week
Rental Availability: Medium

South Camberwell

If you’d like your children to grow up surrounded by arts and culture, then look no further. This charming neighbourhood has a thriving arts and music scene, with lots of galleries and live music spots scattered around the area. It also has lots of quality shops for you to browse at your leisure.

The award-winning Ruskin Park is also a short walk from Denmark Hill station. The best part about this particular park is that it sits on a hill, meaning that you can enjoy a gorgeous view of the city’s skyline while your kids swing on the monkey bars.

2 Bedroom: £369/ week
3 bedroom: £469/ week
Rental Availability: Medium


If you’ve ever met someone who lives in Brockley, you’ll know. This neighbourhood is famous for being championed by its residents who won’t stop singing praises about the area; and with a good mix of attractive cafes, an exciting arts scene, all tied together by a quirky laid back vibe, its easy to see why.

The award-winning Brockley Markets are also held here every Saturday from 10am-2pm, and features lots of artisan and small producers. As such, prepare to have your grub made fresh from locally-sourced produce.

2 Bedroom: £346/ week
3 bedroom: £449/ week
Rental Availability: High

Stroud Green

Stroud Green is a relatively hidden gem that possesses a real neighbourhood feel. Lined with gorgeous Victorian houses and a sprawling lush park, its the ideal location for children to grow up in. Further, this area takes pride in being incredibly diverse, with a mixture of people from all walks of life gathered here.

More importantly, there are many outstanding local primary schools in this area that regularly score well in the Ofsted reports. Hence, living here will give you the opportunity of getting your children a good education within walking distance of your home.

2 Bedroom: £404/ week
3 bedroom: £540/ week
Rental Availability: Medium

Best London Neighbourhoods for Families with Young Children

Best Suburbs to Raise a Family in Sydney

Best Suburbs to Raise a Family

Feeling frazzled looking for the perfect suburb to put down your roots and raise a family in? Don’t worry— you’re not alone. After all, everyone wants the best things in life for their children; and deciding exactly what that is can be a difficult task.

Common criteria that parents often look for in a neighbourhood is safety, and close proximity to shops and schools. Ideally, it should also have parks or beaches nearby for children to be able to spend their free time in.

With these considerations in mind, we’ve curated a list of our top 5 suburbs to raise a family in Sydney.


If you’re looking for a suburb with a homely feel and great community spirit, then look no further. What sets Waverley apart from the other Eastern Suburbs is the warm neighbourly feel that it possesses. Sitting pretty between Bronte Beach and Queens Park, this suburb is also completely surrounded by nature.

Aside from the many beaches and parks in the area, families are particularly drawn to Waverley because of its local schools— with St Charles’ School and St Catherine’s School both holding a state overall score of 98.

2 Bedroom: $680/ week
3 Bedroom: $975/ week
Rental Availability: Medium


A quick 7-minute commute from the city, Pyrmont provides families with an endless variety of shopping and cuisines to explore. Regular art and food events are also held here, so your children will be sure to grow up in a suburb bustling with culture.

Additionally, there are lots of family-friendly parks in the area for your little ones to run about and stretch their legs in.

2 Bedroom: $760/ week
3 Bedroom: $1000/ week
Rental Availability: High


Whilst Coogee’s breathtaking views and stunning beaches need no introduction, it may come to a surprise to some that this isn’t the main reason that families have shown an increasing interest in Coogee. Instead, they are flocking to this suburb because of the high rankings that the schools in the area have achieved; with St. Brigid’s Catholic Primary School holding a state overall score of 97, and Coogee Public School scoring 96.

2 Bedroom: $650/ week
3 Bedroom: $908/ week
Rental Availability: High


The heftier price tag that comes with living in the heart of the city has clearly not deterred families from choosing to call Sydney’s city home. And why would it? Living here will leave you absolutely spoilt for choice. Not only will you have the luxury of having a handful of parks to spend quality family time in, but St Mary’s Cathedral College, which holds a state overall score of 98, is also within walking distance.

2 Bedroom: $900/ week
3 Bedroom: $1400/ week
Rental Availability: High

Located in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, this picturesque little suburb is the perfect neighbourhood for families who want their youngins to grow up with the sea at their doorstep. While Manly Beach is only a few minutes down the road, Fairlight’s beach takes the cake if you prefer a more secluded and private area.

However, it is worth noting that Fairlight does not have any schools in the area. Hence, children who stay here would need to travel to surrounded suburbs for school.

2 Bedroom: $698/ week
3 Bedroom: $1075/ week
Rental Availability: Medium

Best Suburbs to Raise a Family in Sydney